Friday, January 30, 2009

Bed rest is over!

This week has been a blur. I was put on bed rest and spent most of my days at my parents house, laid up in my mom's bed with an electric blanket pulled up, remote control in hand, and full pampering from my sweet father.

He really stepped up while my mom has been out of town and helped me out. It must have traumatized him to be sitting next to me in the hospital, all hooked up to monitors and dealing with fear as I worked through some contractions because he has treated me like a princess. With his arm around me, he has helped up and down steps, in and out of bed, brought me drinks, and came running upstairs to check on me if I so much as coughed.

In proper Leigh fashion I managed to come down with a cold the moment I got home from the hospital. So...I've been achy from my fall and stuffy from my cold. I've been teary and cranky and oh so lazy. I was told not to do housework. HOORAY! My dad did my laundry and vacuumed my nasty carpets. My mother-in-law has been here too. Letting me sleep the day away lazily whilst she loads my dishwasher. Roger took over Griffin's bedtime so I could put my feet up in the evenings. I feel so loved and taken care of.

It's all over as of today though. My midwife announced at my follow up visit that the fall is behind us. Cohen is strong and healthy, my bruises are fading, the achiness is gone, and with it goes all the pampering I've gotten used to.

I'm kind of glad though, although is has been so nice to have time to fully rest and recover from last Friday's will feel so nice to get back into the swing of things. Here's hoping for a nice quiet weekend and a normal week that is full of good health and simple pleasures, like being able to cuddle with Griffin again.

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