Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Leigh vs vacuuming

So about a month ago, my nasty old vacuum broke. It was a vacuum that needed to be put out of it's misery. Roger had purchased it in college and taken it apart numerous times to extend it's sad long life. It had lost it's will to suck junk off of the carpet. It made my vacuum experience a very negative one. I could go on and on about it but I'm sure that you're already bored of reading about my vacuum woes.

So, it broke down as Roger and I were doing a spring cleaning in the middle of December...mid-project. I put a call into my parents and asked if we could borrow their vacuum for a few days. My father lovingly delivered it to us and said he's pick it up after we were done with our uh-spring cleaning.

A few days went by and it was domestic bliss. The Dirt Devil Reaction has Advanced Design for Exceptional Performance and Quality.

Well, when the time came to return that bad boy, my dad announced that we could have it. he and my mom took pity on us and went out and bought themselves a new one.

SCORE!!! My life is so much better because of that Dirt Devil.
Selling points are
  • Patented D2™ Technology means excellent performance at the nozzle
  • Easy-To-Empty Filterless Dirt Cup - no messy interaction with the filter
  • HEPA™ filter - traps nearly 100% of common allergens and dust

  • I'll admit that I just cut and pasted that info from the Dirt Devil website.

    This vacuum is RIPE!!!

    So...the carpet can kiss my ass.


    The battle rages on.

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