Thursday, March 19, 2009

A moment of pride?

I told Roger that if he let me pick the name Koen
then he could pick the middle name. No questions asked.
He has taken his time and
not offered many hints.
The other day I asked him if he had any ideas.
He said he was thinking of the name Ash.
He said it with a side glance and a grin.

For those of you not familiar
with significance of this name,
I am not surprised at all.

Ashley J. "Ash" Williams is the protagonist
in the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness horror film franchise.
Played by Bruce Campbell
he is an absurd character who
cuts off his arm because he is possessed
and then rigs this awesome chainsaw for an arm.
He kicks serious ass.

Amazingly enough, I am cool with
Roger's choice.
I guess that he married the right woman.

So, it looks like our little guy will be named

Koen Ash Hewett

I think it sounds like a rock star
or a really cool action hero.

I can't wait to meet him!


Erin Jayne said...

As a horror fan, I have to tell you how much this rocks.

Scubagurl said...

I love the name! It sounds awesome! I can't wait to meet the little guy either. You looked good the other day when I saw you!