Thursday, March 5, 2009


It snowed here in Georgia last weekend.
8 inches to be exact.
We managed to get snowed "out" of our house.
We were out and about when it started to snow.
When we tried to pull into our neighborhood, the roads were
just too icy to get home.

We went over to my parent's house.

The power went out at 4 pm on Sunday.
We grabbed blankets
Dad put a fire in the fireplace.
We huddled.
Branches started to snap
a 25 foot pine tree fell with a huge thud
in the backyard.

The power was off until Tuesday.
We told stories by the fire.
Griffin put on a puppet show.
We sat in the front room and watched people
trudge through the snow and would try to guess
where they were going.
We played games
and even made up our own games.

The high point of entertainment was when
Roger and my Dad fixed the door to downstairs.
Every tool was brought out of the tool box.
Theories on how to fix it were discussed.
Then the moment of glory...
A fixed door!

We snuggled under blankets to keep warm
while we slept at night.

The snow was beautiful.
Not one of us had a charged camera.
So, no pictures.

Only the memories
of all of us having a wonderful time
without any electricity.

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