Friday, March 27, 2009

We love Rocco

Here is a portrait of Griffin with his best friend Rocco. Can't see him? Well, you're not alone. Rocco is Griffin's imaginary friend and we love him.

They go on many adventures together. I've heard reports of deep sea fishing trips where they both caught Jaguar sharks. If we are in the car listening to music, Griffin will announce if Rocco likes a song or not. He loves Justin Timberlake!

Rocco lives in Africa. Griffin will pack a bag and pretend to leave home to visit him. He also is friends with Vick...he lives on the North Shore. Wherever that is?

I just love it that these imaginary friends have such tough mafia names. I also love it that Griffin feels so free as to parade these fellas around town. It's rewarding to see your kid enjoy being a kid.

Makes me miss my imaginary friend Jo Jo. I'm not exactly sure when or where I lost him. Maybe I'll ask Rocco if he's seen him.


Erin said...

What about Madge? And Maddie? Of course, we were THIRTEEN then. And they weren't so much imaginary as they were our "other" personalities. What funny schizos we were!

Erin said...

PS. Griffin is REALLY cute :)