Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A creative corner

There is a quiet moment, after Griffin is off to school, that I walk around the house and pick up various toys and messes from our daily activities. It's fun to follow a little trail of Griffin's day. An abandoned Superman cape or a Transformer that saved the world and then was left on the floor.

It's rewarding when you stumble upon a mess like the one I discovered on his little table today. The camera, markers, crayons, and paints help me to see that we somehow manage to foster his creativity throughout the day. He loves art and I think it's evident by the amount of watercolor splashed haphazardly onto the table.

Maybe sometimes I do something right.

In other news...I am1 centimeter dilated and 70% effaced. Maybe Koen will be here soon to watch Griffin paint yet another picture of Spiderman.

I love being a mom!

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