Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Napping House

I just love this sweet book about a grandma and her busy bed that she shares with her grandson and various pets. It reminds me of my big bed that is full these days. I had not slept in my huge ol' bed for the last 6 weeks. We set up a twin bed in the nursery for me to co-sleep with Koen on those early days of nursing. Roger gets up every day at 6 am for work and Griffin still crawls into our bed at about 2 am every night. It just didn't seem condusive to successful sleeping and nursing to have us all in one room.
I know that Dr. Phil would trash us for allowing our 4 year old to sleep with us but we love it. We all sleep so well together. Griffin just folds his little body and molds into us all night. It's so sweet to wake up with Griffin's little nose snuggling into my neck. I've missed those nighttime moments with him as I have slumbered at the other end of the house.
Although, I've had some serious snuggles with Koen, alone in our little room at 3 am. I must admit that I have missed my bed and my sleeping boys.
We've had a grand system set up over here. My mom has been staying with us and she would start the night out sleeping on the pull out couch in the living room. At 6 am, Roger would wake her up and she would stumble back and crawll into bed with Griffin before the alarm went off to get up for school.
Griffin may seem spoiled...all of us setting up sleep arrangements to make his life easy. He gets the heeby jeebies if he wakes up alone in that big bed and with all the other changes around here with the arrival of Koen, we didn't want to take our bed away from him.
Se we shuffle the grown ups and he is happy. We do it cause we love him.
Well...Roger snagged a crib from a guy at work whose son had outgrown it. We set it up in our bedroom next to my side of the bed. Koen and I start out in the nursery and after the 4 am feeding I take him back to our bedroom.
I was excited the first night we tried this new system. Koen snuggled into his new crib and fell right asleep. I crawled into my bed that I had not slept in for so long. It was like coming home. Griffin rolled over and suggled up and mumbled "hi mom" and then fell back asleep.
I laid there and took in the enviroment. Roger was snoring up a storm, Griffin was breathing heavy, and Koen was letting out sweet newborn noises. It felt right, for all of us to be shacked up in our bedroom. One big happy sleeping family.
This is just one of many moments of us functioning as a family of 4. My mom has been released from her duties of filling my space in our bed.
I'm back where I should be.

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Christie Burnett said...

Dr Phil can get lost. Isn't it nice to do what works for your family and not feel bad about it!