Friday, May 1, 2009

A safe haven

My little view of the world.

Koen after he nurses.

It's no mystery that I am the most indulgent mommy on the planet. I love an abundance of snuggles and I give them freely. In return, I hope to have 2 very sweet boys that grow into affectionate men. We'll see if it works out that way.

So, when I nurse Koen, I am make it as luxurious as I can.
We sprawl out on the bed in his nursery and he latches on
while we snuggle and relax.
It's wonderful.

Sometimes Griffin will join us.
He will crawl into bed with us and lay behind me.
He plays with my hair.
Sometimes he sings lullabies.
It's dreamy.
We all feel so loved and safe
as we gather on the bed.

We all need a safe haven from this crazy world.

Last weekend, a professor from UGA
shot and killed his wife and 2 other men at a small theater
here in Athens.
I did not know any of the victims but it shook me to the core.
The man is still at large. It's been almost a week and there
is no trace of him.
It has sent ripples of fear through our
small calm town.

Then, there is this business with the swine flu.
I will admit that I have overdosed on media coverage.
I fear for my children.
It's not logical, I know.
I'll call it a hormonal irrationality
that makes me want to protect my children fiercely.

So, I really treasure the view I see while I nurse Koen.
The green is so lush
and the sun is nice and warm.
There are fat juicy carpenter bees
that buzz out side the window.
There are small birds that perch on the bushes.
I watch nature flutter outside my window
then I look down to see my sweet baby suckling.
I look behind me and see Griffin,
smiling as he strokes my back.

This is my safe haven.
This is my life.

Enjoy the view!

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