Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fancy Housewife

We ventured out to Reed's Odds and Ends
out on Macon Highway.
It's always fun to rummage through all of their junk.
I found a vintage apron and decided to take it home.

Which I'm so thrilled to have because I like to pretend
that I look like this lady.
She is dazzling with her pumps and her lipstick
and her perfectly coiffed hair.
She loves her home
and probably is great at keeping up with laundry.

I am my own version of a woman who is proud of her home.
I load the dishwasher in bare feet.
I haven't showered since Saturday.
I can't even find my lipstick.

Yet, I'm one step closer to being a fancy housewife.
Me and my apron are really adding some class to the place!

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