Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation, time to get away!

I admit that I was a bit grumpy last week.
Sorry if I have been a bit of Debbie downer.
My lips have been pouty because we haven't been on a family vacation in 2 years!

Well, it looks like all of my fantasizing while on the toilet has paid off!
Roger was able to get off from work
and we are headed to St. George Island, Florida week after next.

We are able to preview the beach house
that my Father-in-law so kindly rented
for the whole family to go and chill together.

I will be dreaming of sandcastles here

and eating fresh seafood here

and having a glass of wine here

and reading Twilight here.

I am SO giddy just thinking about it.

all images via Collins Vacation Rentals

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