Monday, August 10, 2009

My view

We are back from a delicious trip to St. George Island. Let me tell you, going on a road trip with a 4 month old is an adventure. Being at the beach was tricky too. I would get me and the baby all swim suited up and lathered in sunscreen. I'd pack my beach bag, perch my sun hat on my noggin, and grab Koen to head out on the beach. Almost every time he would need to stay inside. I'd hear a cry that told me "I need a nap!" or "I need another diaper change!" or "Let's stay inside in the air conditioning and just smile and coo at each other, it's hot out there Mom!"

So, of course, Mommy would hang her hat and do as the itty bitty baby requested. I spent most of my time with these views...

We did manage to make it outside a few times. I have a sweet little video that I made that I'll post soon. I also played with my Holga. As soon as those are developed, I'll post some of those too.

Until then, it's back to reality. There are bags to unpack, laundry to do, and school clothes to buy.

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