Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Poetry Project: Day 1

{image via LeLove}

Weekend Epiphanies

by Leigh Hewett

Thanks for coming to me
When my eyes were sticky with rest
Crawling into bed with me
Your face had dreams on it
Your breath like a lazy yawn on my lips.

I wrote poems in my head about you
While you were trying so hard
To deconstruct walls.
My tongue stayed safely behind my lips
as all of the hopeful words escaped
and I granted you a hopeful kiss.

Back in your bed
on my side that you so effortlessly
offered to me,
On Sunday morning
after more than enough sleep
under vulnerable sheets
you turned to face me
and I felt brave beneath your accepting hands.



Eva Gallant said...


I write poems, too, but mine are silly stuff!

just dropping by from
SITS to say hi' hope you'll do the same.

JennyMac said...

so well written.

Alicia said...

it's official. we are a blog couple. lol! thanks for coming by today...i am diggin' your blog! the poety is faboosh and the throwback vintage feel is awesome!! this could be the start of something beautiful!!