Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Poetry Project: Day 7

{image via Restart my Heart}

The Expedition

by Leigh Hewett

Like a brave explorer
heading into uncharted territory
I went on a quest for words.
I packed my provisions
and pointed my compass toward
the poetry from my past.
With a mission to find the poet
I had lost along the way.

Somehow in my search,
I learned to quit looking
and decided to call off the chase.
A silent gap between thoughts
echoed until my brain
settled slowly into a blue calm.

With a deep awareness
I detached myself from poetry
and had zero doubt that
the words lived within.

An effortless ease took over
and my deep desire
brought the poem to me.



Anonymous said...

Visiting from SITS! Hope you all feel better!! Love the name of your blog. Today is the day I told myself I HAVE TO tackle the 7 clean loads in baskets that need to be put away!

Poetic chronicles said...

It's nice to read your beautiful poems. I'm not surprised though, you've got a poet's sensitiveness! :)

From another fellow mom/poet

Valerie (Poetic chronicles)