Friday, September 25, 2009

The battle rages on.

I am a nightmare in the kitchen. I am totally threatened by cooking, it's ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I can throw together a pretty decent weeknight meal. Let's just say that I'm not a baker by nature. Well, yesterday I put on my brave apron and attempted to make cupcakes with Griffin. We were bored and the TV had been on so long that I just couldn't take Children's programming any longer.

The sad part is that I made these cupcakes out of a box and still managed to have a war with them. Why do I struggle with cooking? I got to the bottom of it in what I will call The Cupcake Battle of 2009.

Griffin and I had a great time tossing in a cup of water over the powdered mix and then slinging in some melted butter and eggs. We laughed while we used the mixer on medium and it swirled into a lovely batter. Then Griffin lost interest and abandoned me to watch Spongebob-traitor!

I then indulged and licked the batter off of the spoon. It was delightful...I adore the taste of cake batter. Growing up, my father told me that if I ate too much of it I would get worms. I had my hand smacked away from numerous mixing bowls as a young girl. So, you can imagine how liberated I felt to be an adult in my own kitchen all alone with a bowl full of cake batter. I dipped the spoon in over and over between plopping some into the cupcake wrappers to be baked. I was in heaven.

Well, I was so engrossed in my secret indulgence that I totally didn't read the directions that said to spoon in 2/3 worth of batter into each wrapper. I filled each one to the rim and stuck it in the oven before I read the directions. What should have been 24 cupcakes turned into 12 and I think that I ate about 4 cupcakes worth in batter. So, I made HUGE cupcakes. No biggie.

Then, I went to get the icing only to discover that we didn't have any. Great. I ended up using the recipe on the side of the confectioners sugar box but realized that I only had soy milk instead of milk. So, my frosting came out more like a glaze.

Griffin came to sample my cupcakes and loved them. Throughout the day as I floated around the house doing chores, I would find discarded cupcake wrappers on the floor. He ate 5 of them over the course of the afternoon. This must be what it feels like to cook something that your family enjoys.

I learned:
*Check to make sure that you have all of the ingredients BEFORE you start cooking.
*Read the directions as you go instead of after it is already in the oven.
*Don't eat half of your batter as you go.

I am well on my way to culinary genius.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I think they look great!! I've never made cupcakes. Not brave enough!

Alice in Wonderland said...

LOL! I just love this! Just keep on trying...Someone sure enjoys them!

Erin Bennett Jenkins said...

Soy glaze is awesome!

Lesley said...

they look like they were fantastic though...and I'm with you...I suck at baking...and even have a fancy scmhmancy stand mixer...that just looks pretty but really just collects dust.

JennyMac said...

Cupcakes are my favorite thing to make...bravo for you!

Joy said...

As long as your family likes 'em, that's all that matters.
(Visiting from SITS)

Anonymous said...

Great little story and the cupcakes look darn tasty, especially the glaze.

tammy said...

Stopping by from SITS. Love your cupcake battle story. ;) You are well on your way to being the next food network star!! (aim high!)

Angela said...

LOL! What a great post! I love the way you write!

I just found your blog while I was out blog-walking through SITS! I'm so glad I did, I became a follower.

I enjoyed your "About Me" blurb. Poignant, witty and insightful! I'm also digging your blog layout, clean and open! It's very pleasing to the eye. Awesome job!

Happy blogging
Angela from Angela's Soliloquy

Jessica said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one.......