Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let the accolades begin

Being that it's Halloween and I'm feelin' a bit saucy, I've decided to pay homage to an icon. I'm throwing on Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's ensemble and I'm jumping into my limo for a long awaited award ceremony.

Now...let's stop for the pesky paparazzi, shall we?
We don't want to disappoint our fans.

Now that we have that out of the way, let the award ceremony begin.

First up, I am honored to receive the Baddass Blogger Award
created by The Crazy Baby Mama.
I adore this lady, she is sharp and smart!

So, I proudly present "The Badass Blogger Award,"
to the following writers, for their outstanding ability to be poignant and funny.

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy
Team Boo
Let's Have a Cocktail
Stir-fry Awesomeness
Lee the Hotflash Queen
Speaking From the Crib
Steph in the City

Next award is the Best Blog Award
given to me by Every day in Gray
and Marlie and Me
(who also gave me the One Lovely Blog Award)
The rules say to pick 15 bloggers
but I just don't have that kind of time
being so famous and all.
So...I'll pick 8 to give these two awards to
cause I'm a rebel and a rule breaker!

Pink Flip Flops and Wine
Project Mommywood
A Day in the Life; Chronicles of an Only Parent
The Crazy Baby Mama
Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver
Martinis or Diaper Genies?
Batcrap Crazy

Okay, cue the music for the next award...
Honest Scrap
was given to me by
That One Mom and All God's Creatures

I've gotten this one before but I'm not one to turn down a gift.
So, I pass this lovely award to

Everyday in gray...
Marlie and Me
A Nut in a Nutshell
Hillbilly Duhn's Times and Tribulations

According to the rules, I should tell y'all 10 things about me.
I've done this before and I'm trying to
get this lovely post typed before
my baby wakes up from a nap.
So, here are my ten facts re posted!

10 things that you don't know about me
1 .One of my favorite indulgences is eating fast food in my car.

2. In high school I won the "Wittiest of my class" superlative.

3. I was the only person who campaigned to be voted Wittiest of my class. It's amazing what
teenagers will do in exchange for a cookie.

4. When I meet famous people, I turn into a total spaz and scare them to death.

5. I hate spiders. I saw one the other day and screamed like a baby.

6. I am working on a novel that I have been writing over the last 12 years.

7. When I am on Oprah for the novel that took me decades to write, I will wear a red cocktail
dress, fishnet pantyhose, and widely inappropriate shoes.

8. If you are what you eat then I am a French fry.

9. My biggest pet peeve is when I am taking shower and suddenly the water gets hot so
I turn on the cold water a little bit and then the water gets too cold so I turn up the hot
hot water a little bit and it gets too hot and the cycle continues throughout the entire shower.

10. My baby is enamored with Diet Dr. Pepper cans. If I lift one to my lips in his presence
he erupts into wiggles and giggles.

To the ladies that won this award,
the rules also say to send it to 7 Bloggers.
Like I said before,
I'm a rebel and a Mommy on a schedule
so I'm doin' it my way!

Last up...
Steph in the City gave me the Heartfelt Award
I give it to these wonderful ladies

All God's Creatures
The Mother Load
504 Main
Adventures of the Reluctant Housewife.
MamaOTwins+1 baby just woke up.
I pulled off the award ceremony.
Just like Holly Golightly would
I am going to change my baby's diaper
in this fabulous black dress and diamonds!


Kimi said...

All very well deserved and you passed them onto some fabulous ladies!

Tracie said...

Congratulations....I'm sure Holly would be proud ;)

Gotta love Audrey Hepburn!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Thanks for calling me a Bad Ass!! Smooch!

That One Mom said...

Aww, thanks Leigh! I got your message and stopped my hot halloween nail painting (for my rockabilly costume) and stopped by!! Thanks so much!

kys said...

Thanks for giving me that wonderful award! I'm in some pretty good company!

PS Don't get poop in your diamonds.

Tami G said...

Thank you bunches!!!! =)
So funny that you passed that particular award on today - one of my friends was describing my blog to another girl today and she said "i don't know how to describe it other than honest and BLUNT!" ha ha

I gotta go ready for halloween now, plus I need to drop some honest shit in my blog today - feeling the need to unload!!!

THANKS again!!!!!
BIG kisses!!! mwwahhhhhhhhhh

tori said...

"A rebel and a mommy on a schedule" that made me giggle! Congrats on the awards!

WhiteSockGirl said...


Michelle said...

Should I be worried that my daughter is fascinated with Diet Coke? And now that we're in China and I HATE their Diet Coke, it's Diet Pepsi. And she's always wanting to drink mine. Do you think that means I drink WAY too much?!

Good luck on your book. Think of the sense of accomplishment you'll feel when it's over. The biggest thing I've ever written is an article to be published at home. And that's only 1000 words and took about 3 rewrites! Good luck. I promise to read it whenever it comes out. Although, another 12 years would be perfect for me. By then my boys will be gone, my daughter will be a teenager and won't need me anymore, and I'll have ALL. THE. TIME. IN. THE. WORLD!


Lesley said...

Wow...ou got a ton of lucky girl you...thanks so much for thinking of me...totally made my day!

blueviolet said...

Congrats on your awards and thank you so much for mine!

That completely cracks me up about the Dr. Pepper cans!

Allyson said...

congrats woman on the awards!! wow, you really are rockin' these lately, huh. sweeeet!

thanks so much for thinking of me. you are very sweet! i'll cherish it foreva.

happy halloween!

Tiffany said...

oh! i just adore audrey hepburn. congrats on your awards!

Daffy said...

I so wish I looked like that and had that dress hanging in my closet! I think I would love to have lived during 'gloved fashion' days....

Daffy said...

I forgot to say thank you. Sorry...


Holly said...

Congrats! Well deserved! Thanks for mine too!


JennyMac said...

Congrats on all your fabulous awards..and I bet you were the wittiest in your class.

And i LOVE LOVE LOVE the awards you gave me. Anne Taintor is so funny and this award is fantastic.

And congrats to all the blogs on your recipient list. Bravo!

Helene said...

Congratulations on your awards!!!

I literally LOL when I read what you wrote about the hot/cold water in the shower!! ME happens to me too! Frustrating, isn't it?

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Im so late but thank you thank you thank you!!!