Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lil' Friday

Warning: You are about to read the words "Lil' Friday" nine times in this post.

Here is a message that my Best friend Erin left on my machine last Thursday...

"I'm just callin' to say hello and
Happy Lil' Friday.
It's Lil'...Lil' Friday.
Today is Lil' Friday
and if you want to have a happy day
you can
It's a happy Lil' Friday!
Um...I love you, Bye"

I had no idea what she was talking about.
I was perplexed
so I called her
and this is how our conversation went

Me: What are you talking about Lil' Friday?

Erin: You's Lil' Friday!

Me: Today is Thursday though Erin.

Erin: Yeah, I know but it's also Lil' Friday.

Me: I have never heard of Lil' Friday, sorry.

Erin: It's just a way to make Thursday more exciting cause it's almost's a Lil' Friday. I can't believe you've never heard me say that. I've been saying it for years!

Me: Well, you've been in NY for 5 years so I must have missed it somehow. So is Wednesday really Lil' Thursday then?

Erin: Yup!

Okay then, I'll take it and say it to everyone on Thursdays
and y'all should do the same!


Tami G said...

Ohhhhh - how funny! Our local news guy calls Thursday "little Friday" Every Thursday on AM KY, he says it at LEAST 100 times! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! But I love anything that makes me feel like we are closer to the weekend!!

Have a GREAT lil Friday!!!!

Daffy said...

That sounds like a message my sister would leave. Great photo!

Happy Lil' Friday

That One Mom said...

NY does weird things to people! Great story!

Erin M. said...

That is a cute lil' story and your friend must be a gem b/c her name is ERIN!

She sounds lovely and her message made me smile.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Does that make Sunday Lil Monday?? I hope not!! But, happy lil Friday!

Beth said...

Woo hoo. It's Li'l Friday today! You and your buddy just made my day. I'm off to wish my friends a happy Li'l Friday too. Cheers!

blueviolet said...

That is so silly! I like the way she thinks though!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Well I found you on the actual Friday so Happy Friday -
thanks for coming by - love the idea you are stealing from the crib and now I am following you!

Tracie said...

that is so funny....I have never heard of this strange 'lil system (maybe it is a New York thing?)

Happy REAL Friday!

kyslp said...

Shoot! I missed this on Lil' Friday. So Happy Friday!