Sunday, October 18, 2009

Winner winner chicken dinner

It's time to announce our winner for my caption contest.
To refresh your memory here is the photo
that I challenged y'all to work with.

So, my best friend Erin, who is my partner in crime
(and happens to be the funniest person I know) was the judge.
After careful consideration, she narrowed
it down to her favorite top 3 comments.

Here they are in no particular order...

"Most Little Rock citizens shocked
at the sudden influx of Europeans
moving to their small town....not Nadine Crenshaw.
"I think they add some spice to this town
and Lord knows we could use it!"

Raising Z
"Trudy honey, can you stop posing and help me get my prosthetic penis back on??"

Tami G
Earl: "Honey - put that blasted camera down and get over here and help me get this bait hook outta my junk"

and the winner is...drumroll please!

Tami G

Earl: "Honey-put that blasted camera down and
help me get this bait hook outta my junk!"

In the end, I think that Erin picked this one because
of the use of the word "junk".
Get your mind outta the gutter Erin!

So, to make good on my promise,
I hereby crown Tami G. the funniest lady on the block!
Now head on over to her Blog and congratulate her!

Thanks to everyone who entered. You were all hilarious
but there can only be one winner.
Tune in every Friday for a new photo.
This was just too much fun
to only do once!


blueviolet said...

That was a good one! Very clever!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Yay Tami!!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

YIPEE! for Tami - she did great!

Beth said...

I was amazed by the awesomeness of the captions. Fun! Go Tami!

Tami G said...

I will wear my crown with honor.
I LOVE you AND your best friend Erin! what started out as a crappy crappy Monday morning has now turned into a GREAT day!!
Thank you Thank junk and I thank you ladies!
no wait.... I don't have junk?!
I just wanted to use it again in a sentence! HA We say it at work all the time... wait...what does that say about me?!?!

Have a GREAT week! =)
and thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

bait hook. junk. awesome.

love your blog (and the flapper hat!) new follower!

Too Many Hats said...

They were all hilarious! I look forward to the next installment.

Lisa said...

Oh no...I'm sorry I missed the deadline on this! But you can bet I'll play again! I loved your "scary mommy" story too :)