Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Stay at Home Mom Chronicles: Epic Battles

I'm realizing that my days around here seem to run together.
Ordinary moments unfold around me daily
and I need to stop and relish in them.
One day, my boys will be out living life
and I will miss these everyday experiences.

So, I am taking the time to document
the simple moments that pass between us.
I'm calling this little collection of memories
The Stay At Home Mom Chronicles.

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3:30 PM:
Epic Bionicile battle

Griffin is always suckering me into having some sort of battle on a daily basis.
It's so funny because I am such a girl about it.
I spend a good amount of time trying to organize how we play.
I'll say things like "Let's line up all the guys who are waiting to fight here.
Then when they get hurt they can go over to the pretend hospital on the couch
and the red Bionicile can be the doctor that fixes them."

Griffin will pretend to listen as
I try to come up with the rules for the battle
and then with no warning,
he'll just haul off and start smacking the guy
I'm holding and screaming like Braveheart.

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Bionicile parts go flying across the room
and as the bloody battle unfolds
my hand usually gets smacked at some point.

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Then I squeal and throw my defeated guy across
the room in a fit of self preservation.
The battle is over as Griffin declares his win.
I rub my hand while announcing that I will no longer
be participating in these battles.

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Yet, somehow my poor hand
gets suckered into it again
and again
and again.

Guess what?
I have something very exciting planned for y'all tomorrow.
Be sure to stop back by!


Vodka Logic said...

My daughter used to love Bionicles.. she's into makeup and hair dye now.. lol

singedwingangel said...

Ahh the joy of boys.. I have 3 of them so I don't have to do the battles things so much cause they play with each other. But I do hear.. my laser pointer shoots up your ship and you are left flying in thin air plummeting to your death.. follwed by the other going BUT I have an amazing invisible parachute that slows my fall and I land safely all while blowing you to kingdom come watching pieces of your ship fall to the ground... Yeah it gets interesting lol

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

We never did the bionicles. More little parts to clean up. We had car races and for some reason BB's cars always jumped on top of mine and creamed them....

Daffy said...

I like the way Griffin plays!!

Often me and girlie just run around the house screaming. I adore the look of delight that crosses her face when I scream is SO much fun! I love being...err...having a kid!

Sarah RDH said...

You're better than me, bc I typically don't engage in the activities where I totally see myself getting hurt, and IF I do, I scream like a little girl at the top of my lungs, and then Austin's all 'Ohh I'm sorry, mom, I'm sorry....' which makes me feel a little bad for being dramatic. But that shit hurts!

Kim said...

Boys! I have one too and completely understand how your hand feels as my own hand has been there and done that. Love the pictures!

Caroline said...

I'm a new follower!

I have not heard of Bionicles, but my son is only 8 months, so I'm sure we will get there.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Way to go Leigh. What a great mom you are. I envy you that you are able to do those things with your children. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Kearsie said...

You are a good mommy.

Also, because I have girls we don't do bloody bioncle battles. Nay, instead we have about 40 Barbies lined up, all needing their impossible hair to be brushed and at least 14 different outfits to be interchanged.

It's exhausting.

Tami G said...

those boys grow up so fast....
and then the bionicles turn into people! ha ha
My boy outgrew me this year... he doesn't play fair anymore! ;-)

Bossy Betty said...

I have stepped on A LOT of Bionicles in my time. They are quite the little weapons on the bottom of the feet.

My Mercurial Nature said...

Son won't play bionicle tea party with Daughter...this is a source of great angst around here. Great photos, btw...and good message, I do need to relish these days!

Wym said...

It is things like that that remind me I like having dress-up and crafts instead. I am imagining the clean-up time for Bionicle!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Bionicles give way to Family Guy and World of Warcraft. It's great to document the cute innocence while it lasts.

Wow, did I just sound like the defeated mother of a teenager or what?

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Im with you- my son and I play Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Leiah said...

Someone was telling me this weekend about her love/hate relationship with bionicles. She loved watching her little boy play with them and using his imagination so fully but hated those all those little pieces. Said she equated them with Barbie shoes since the inflicted the same amount of pain if you stepped on one.

That One Mom said...

I love that everything is epic at that age. These days, nothing is exciting to my kids.

Kelly said...

This is us. With bionicles, wrestlers, tech decks, and lego men. Always the battle and never the plot.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

So if I have a boy this time I know a little of what to expect from reading your blog! Looks like a blast! I think I'd like some Bionicles just for me! ;)

Aleta said...

Hehe. I love how you're a "girl" about it. I'd be the say way. Cute "action" pictures! Love how you treasure the moments :)

Existential Waitress said...

I like this new idea too!

My son is the same way about his "battles." His usually involve light sabers, or sometimes Transformers. I'm better at defending myself with a lightsaber though.

Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity said...

Your bionicle battle is very similar to the bakugan one in our house. I always lose . . . and not even on purpose!

Danielle said...

My daughter likes to be chased. I am old, so mostly I sit on the ground and try to trip her as she runs by. It works for now! :)

Double Wide Mom said...

Yay! don't ever be too old or too tired to play!

w said...

i have to play avatar with li'l tot. not avatar the james cameron movie. but avatar - the last airbender. i'm toph.

if you have no idea what i'm saying, well then. i guess you have no idea what i'm saying.

Frugal Vicki said...

I think this is a cool post! As I read it I sat here watching my son stand on the arm of the couch and say "hello, my name is captain and I love to see you whoa whoa" and then fall backwards on to the couch. I am not even yelling at him....I'm going to miss it one day too!

Mad Woman said...

Great post! My boy spawn particularly enjoyed ogling the Bionicles he doesn't own. Me? I just loved reading about the together time.

Much More Than Mommy said...

You have THE BEST ideas EVER!!! I will so look forward to these posts! My fun for the day was having my 3-year-old 'do' my hair. It took me at least 15 minutes to get all of the little clips out. But she said, "Pretty, Mommy!" so that's all that matters!

help4newmoms said...

When my son was little, we played "guys" with the Batman action figures. Not an easy thing for a Mom to do...I give you props for hanging in there with it...I was a bad Mom...I had to recruit other toddlers...

Tracie said...

That is so funny! I'm the same way with my daughter and dolls....and Tinkerbell has attacked my hand more than once! =)

Kristin said...

My lil' dude is totally into building block towers and then destroying them and sending them fly across the room. It didn't occur to us when he was stacking little jellies at a restaurant that he would do the same with those. Sigh.

Erica said...

Awww :) That's so precious. I love your happiness with things in life.