Monday, April 5, 2010

Winner: Goin' to the Chapel Edition

We have a winner for this week's installment of Freakshow Friday. Please take note that my super hilarious and non biased best friend was the judge. Here are the top three in no particular order.

"Billie Joe couldn't wait for the wedding to be over
so she could look just like him in 6 months..."

"Do these flowers make my back fat show?
Oh, look, a butt!"

Bossy Betty

"Nice Glass!"

The winner is...

"Do these flowers make my back fat show?
Oh, look, a butt!"

is the funniest Blogger in all the land.
Please head on over to her Blog
and marvel at this fantastic award she just earned
to proudly display forever.

Thanks to all the people who played.
Tune in this Friday for another instalment of Freakshow Friday!


Daffy said...


w said...

foiled again!

also. this friday. that's gonna be my caption. so. be sure you find a good one that will go with "foiled again".

Tracie said...

Maybe I should walk around with a flowers all the time. I'll test that backfat camo theory.

Wym said...

Woooooooooot! Thank you! I am pretty funny. Now if I could come up with a contest as fab as this one...

Much More Than Mommy said...

All funny!! Love this thing!

Squashys Girl said...

I love it!!! too funny