Monday, July 12, 2010

Roadmap to my Youth :: The Sugarcubes

I have a guilty pleasure and that is a blog called Style Rookie.
The author is a 14 year old girl named Tavi
who is way cooler than I ever was at the ripe age of 14 years old.
I love her Blog because she conveys her angst so beautifully.
She has style for days and is pretty much
a little badass in granny glasses.

There is a love affair unfolding at Style Rookie
with alternative pop culture of the early nineties.
Guess what?
I was a teenager then.
She is discovering and finding herself
in the same things that I did as a teenager.
It makes for a dreamy read.

She recently wrote a post declaring her love
for Courtney Love and the album
Live Through This.
I can just feel teen angst oozing from my computer screen
and can relate to her complete relief
of finding a voice that speaks her thoughts.

It got me thinking about the huge influence
that music has had over me
throughout my life.
How hearing a certain song can take me back
to a night or a feeling.

I suppose the most influential band that came into my
life at the sweet tender age of 14
was The Sugarcubes.

The first time that I heard Bjork's hauntingly beautiful voice
was a hot night in San Antonio, Texas.
It was 1988 and I was an innocent little lamb.
My friend's older sister gave us a ride somewhere
and The Sugarcubes album It's-it was in her tape player.
With the windows rolled down
and humid Texas air blowing my hair in a halo over my head
the song Birthday filled up the car.

My mind exploded and then settled back in
as the music swirled around me.
I could feel potential blooming within me.
If this type of music was out there
then I wanted to hear more.

An inexplicable hunger took over me in that single moment.
This was just the beginning of my love for music.
It was that little chanteuse's shriek that rattled me
and shook my spirit.
I remember sitting in that car
and being moved to tears as the lights
of the highway were blurred by my tiny crying.
I wiped my cheeks and smiled.

Not long after I heard the song Birthday in my friend's sister's car,
I saw the video for the song on Mtv's 120 Minutes.
I saw Bjork for the first time
with her red dress and button nose.
I would never be the same.

This is the first in a series
of memories I would like to take
now and again.
as I trace back my musical past.
The bands,
the albums,
the concerts,
and the lyrics
that are a roadmap to my youth.

I hope that you'll gladly come on
the journey with me from time to time.
My heart beats a little faster
just thinking about it.
Each song is like an old friend
that I haven't seen in years.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love how songs can bring you back to an earlier time so clearly.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I can't wait for this series of yours!! I can so relate with your "coming of age" memories being so tied with music. I used to spend my summers (during the years 1991-1994) in Seattle with my uncle and his family. They lived within walking distance of "the Ave" and it was at the height of the grunge era. A very cool time and definitely a coming of age for me!
I can't wait to hear more!

--Sanam-- said...

I so agree with you,Tavi is such an inspiration.I cant believe how far she has gotten in the past few years with her fab blog at the mere age of 14.That is astounding! :D

StopAndStareStyle - btw,posted my SECOND EVVVER look on here lol,so i'd love to hear your feedback.It would be much MUCH appreciated :D

Neena said...

I love this girl. Why couldn't I have had the guts to express myself in highschool? Can we all just agree that middle school and high school are so... eat or be eaten? Bjork is a great way to start a rainy monday! I need to put on a red dress and dance too!

Much More Than Mommy said...

Love this idea, what a great series! I think I'll especially enjoy it because I believe we may have been listening to some of the same things!

Miss JLA said...

Songs are always bringing me back!!! It's greatest, isn't it?
Have a Happy Tuesday!

R Montalban said...

I love doing that and have been doing just that too not necessarily by choice, although sometimes, and sometimes just fate! Sugercubes are great, and remember the last time you did this it inspired a top 10! I have just put up Pete Yorn & ELO and Rod Stewart today (3 separate blog entries)!

Tracie said...

I think we have the same taste in music. I'm going to love this series!

S♥ said...

I think I found your blog via Mommy Loves Stilettos and this post alone makes me so glad I did. I LOOOOVE everything Bjork! I can't wait to read more.