Monday, October 4, 2010

Touchin' trucks and honkin' horns

We are trying to be frugal and do as many free activities as we can on the weekends.
It's amazing all the fun things that you can find to do in this world that don't cost money.
On Saturday we went to Touch a Truck Day.
Oh boy, my little whippersnappers had a blast!

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There were all kinds of vehicles for them to climb in .


There was the city bus where Griffin pretended to be a business man on the way to work.


Koen tried his hand at some CB chatter.
We decided that his handle would be "The Drool Machine".
Please excuse his dribble,
were a bit slobbery these days.

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Then Griffin contemplated the meaning of life on the back of a fire truck.


Did I mention that every single child felt the need to honk the horn in each vehicle?
It was a loud crescendo of honking, squealing, and spontaneous "vroom vrooms".

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Touch a Truck day was a smashing success.


Anonymous said...

That's the perfect outing for little boys. Love the pictures!

singedwingangel said...

Our local Lowes does something similar they have all the trucks, machines, including the life flight helicopter in their front lot and games and activities, along with construction equipment. It is a little boy's dream. Devin loved it last year..

Sue said...

"Touch a truck" day! That's a stroke of genius!! My grandson would LOVE that.


Erin said...

Our neighborhood block party was yesterday and the firemen came in their truck! The kiddos got to explore inside, but fortunately the sirens weren't turned on. Love this---and great idea to do free things! We also went to the park b/c it was so pretty out.

R Montalban said...

Sounds like you had a great time, I can almost here the honking horns here!

Katherine said...

What a great outing. I'm always trying to keep an eye open for free family activities. They are a lot of fun, without any guilt. Especially if the kids DON'T have fun, you don't wind up thinking about all the money you just wasted.