Monday, November 29, 2010

Every time Shutterfly sends me free Holiday cards, an angel gets it's wings.

I had great plans for our family Christmas card this year.
Both of my boys were dressed to the nines in identical outfits
and as we waited in line to have their photograph
taken with Santa, excitement filled the air.

It all seemed so perfect, until Koen
left my arms and burst into tears in Santa's lap.
I jumped around like a moron trying to get him to smile.
Koen just screamed louder and Griffin
could not wipe the grimace off of his face.
Oh yeah, it was awesome.
Everyone in line behind us thought that it was awesome too, I'm sure.

Well, thanks to Shutterfly, I can share the special moment
with all of my closest family and friends.
I think that you could not ask for a more perfect holiday card.
Let's spread a little holiday cheer, shall we?

It doesn't have to stop at holiday cards either.
I could have this happy image made into personalized mugs for the Grandparents
or even better would be a few wall calenders for the cousins.

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.
Especially if your kids are a couple of scamps like mine.

If you are a blogger and are interested in getting getting
50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly,
you can sign up here:


Jocelyn Christensen said...

You are to funny!

R Montalban said...

I think your card is even more special because of what happened, I love it.

singedwingangel said...

Aww hun I had 3 boys skert of Santa.. each in their own time frame about the age of Koen.. I think it is priceless

Sue said...

I agree with R Montalban. Now the card is for real!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love that card!

Andy said...

We used to love Shutterfly and the thought of 50 free cards is cool. But, we've been using Send Out Cards for a year now and are actually MAKING money by sending cards through them and helping others send cards through them (and making money themselves).

Send Out Cards is fully customizable and allows you to use as many pictures as you want, send out personalized cards in your own handwriting and with your own signature right from your computer and you can send gifts this way, too!

I'm happy to give you and your readers a couple of free Send Out Cards to send out as an early holiday gift to you all.

Just go to to send out a card or two on me.

Happy Holidays!!!


Erin said...

Leigh---I think it's fantastic, honestly! Should be entered into a contest of some sort. Besides, who wants one of those cards where everyone looks all perfect?! LOL

Erika said...

Is it wrong that I actually like the scared of Santa pictures? I only had one of my 3 go through that phase & yup it's pretty awesome to be the parent making your kid cry for a photo... :)
It really is a cute photo & captures your boys in the here & now as they are.