Thursday, December 16, 2010

Allow me to wax peotic about Christmas decorations.

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I love decorating my home for Christmas.
I'm sure that you can imagine that I am obsessed
with vintage finds to scatter all over the house.
These are two of my favorites because
my Mammaw (my grandma for any new readers)
made them when I was a child and I have inherited them over the years.
They hung as decorations in her home
and now I am honored to have them in mine.

When the candy cane loving mouse is hanging
in front of the fireplace then it feels like Christmas in my home.
Being the only female in my family can make me wonder
if I am the only one who gets jazzed about little details.
Well, the boys get so excited when I put the mouse up.
They hop up and down and give it hugs and kisses.
Then they stop and marvel at it from time to time.

It's enough to make a mama tinkle a little bit.
There are those moments in life that evoke
sweet memories and I hope that in the future
when the boys come back for the holidays as adults,
that they will seek out the mouse on the fireplace
and feel like they are home.
I think that's it's so important to create memories
and attachments to family heirlooms.
It takes effort though, especially with a house full of boys.
I know that they may not see it now
but when they look back on their lives,
they will appreciate it.

We can't forget about the glittery stocking that Mammaw made either.
It has a place of honor on the mantel.
Every time I look at it I can just see
Mammaw placing it on her fireplace and humming Jingle Bells.
She was so jolly this time of year and
always passed me a wink and smile.
When I see this treasure I believe that it holds a wink from her.

It's amazing to me how an object
can house so much love.
I hope to continue to fill these treasures with love
so that it can be felt for generations to come.

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R Montalban said...

Your Mammaw was a genius when it came to creating memories and I love how with you sharing them they give inspiration and so her memory not only lives with you but it also multiplies.

singedwingangel said...

I have the mouse as well my step sister made one for my mom years ago froma pattern she found. My hangs it up every year...

Sue said...

Sounds to me like you are doing a good job of making that happen. And yes, your boys will seek out the mouse as adults. I know, because mine seek out the moth-eaten, dangling Santa!


Homesteadgirl said...

Beautiful, and so true. My little brother made a little angel in Kindergarten: blue paper cone for body, doiley wings, ping-pong ball head with yarn for hair. It is crumpled, bald, and completely face-less after 30 years, but mom still lovingly places it on the tree year after year. We all seek it out when we're home for Christmas. Rest assured...your efforts will be rewarded!