Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm a (gasp) "Mommy Blogger".

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It's such a challenge to feel original these days if you are a Blogger.
The "Mommy Blogger" stereotype hangs over my head constantly.
It seems like every other blog out there is written by a housewife
who received a fancy camera for Christmas
and posts pictures of their morning coffee.
I know that I am just one of thousands of women
who find themselves swept up in the trend of documenting their lives.

It's easy to feel small.
It's easy to feel like a walking cliche.
It's easy to get insecure and wonder why you started a blog in the first place.
It's easy to feel pressure to present yourself as the most awesome person
who ever sat down to create a blog.

It's easy to have an identity crisis in cyberspace.

Well, I've decided that what I do on this blog is important
simply because it is important to me.

There is a spark in me that ignites
when I take a moment to photograph the contents of my windowsill.
There is a creative surge that circulates through me
when I blather on about my perspectives on motherhood.
There is a sense of completion when I post
The Happiness Project every Tuesday
and other ladies take a moment to pause
and feel that completion too.

I am part of a movement.
Where the mothers of the world are finding their niche.
We blog while the kids are napping.
We type out our thoughts when we should really be washing the dishes.
We feel whole because we take the time
to write out the story of our everyday lives.

It doesn't matter that we are a stereotype.
It doesn't matter that Nie Nie does it better than all of us.
None of that matters.

What matters to me is that my life has meaning,
that I have place to foster my creativity,
and this is my space.
It's very similar to yours.

We are all interconnected
and that's a beautiful thing,
if you ask me!


Coffee Break Mama said...

I love this; and you are right, it is a beautiful thing :)

Mary Jessica said...

Aw, man F the haters. I love you.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Well said!

Dixie Mom said...

I agree! I have to remind myself constantly that I blog for me, really. I am documenting or journaling my life and thoughts and will REALLY matter to my children.
Just keep being yourself and don't compare! We all will too.

Michelle said...

Thanks for writing this. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep writing. Then I try to remember that I'm doing it mostly for ME, and not for anyone else. Keep up the good work!


Caution Flag said...

I agree. When I ask why I'm doing it on a day when only 15 people stop by to read, I try to remember that two of those people are my parents. That makes me smile. When I see that one of them is my child's teacher, I smile a little less.

R Montalban said...

You should always do what you do because it means something to you, and if it gives meaning to other people too, then that is really lovely. I like what you do because you are lovely just being you.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

You really hit the nail on the head. I think blogging does connect us.
I visit your blog because I love your perspective. You have an ability to write in a way that makes people really relate, feel sentimental or even laugh at your good humored perspective of life and life with children.

Mama Zen said...

Amen, sister!

Daffy said...

Keep snappin! I love those shutter snaps and seeing life from your perspective. People flock here because they identify with you and your awesomeness.

Time to publish the blog into your very own keepsake memorybook. :o) Oh the stories you have....

singedwingangel said...

The very first blog I ever read was NIeNIe. I found myself drawn into her story and went all the way back to the beginning and read it from start to finish at that point. I blog because I can write some things way better then I could ever say them. I write because someone somewhere will later on down the line stumble across my page and see a snippet of my life.. and I will have mattered.

Anonymous said...

Love it! We don't have to be famous or make money to matter. We just have to keep on taking those pictures and telling our stories.

Sue said...

I wholeheartedly agree!


From Tracie said...

So very beautiful.

Lucy said...

I completely agree. I must admit, I felt like I was caught red-handed when you mentioned blogging when the kids were napping or when we should be watching dishes. Oh well, you caught me!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

I started my blog for my in-laws (we're in GA and they're in NY) and it will always be for them. They love the pics! And, I'm more than happy to provide them. :)

rachel said...

OMG, I am a mommy blogger TOO! ; )

Anonymous said...

Love that button!! So cute.

Heidi said...

Happy to be a part of it!

Cate said...

Hear hear!!

Very well said sister.

Mandy said...

This is such a fabulous post. Sometimes, I really do feel like "just another mommy blog"... but in the end, that doesn't matter. What matters is that I am excited to make these memories and document my life. For myself, my family, and my children one day!

Katherine said...

I often feel that I have to rebel against the idea of being a "Mommy Blogger" but really, it's a wonderful thing.

Mother Theresa said...

You are damn right it's important! I started blogging because my family lives far away, but it's evolved into something entirely different...what exactly, I'm not really sure. But it's satisfying to think that there are at least a few people out there that get a kick out of what I write, and I love getting to peek inside their lives too, and yours is one of those keep on blogging!

Amber said...

It is so true. I have felt very similar, then I come across a random person at church, who says I saw your blog, "Wow!" They don't follow any other blogs, so that don't know that there are many of us "crazy, fun-loving, picture takin' mommy bloggers" out there.

Thanks for the post, because I think we've all been there/are there.

Tracy said...

Well said and I whole heartedly agree!!

from mel said...

you put it so perfectly. i just posted something and as i was cruising over to your blog i thought to myself, "why do i do this?" and then i read your post. it IS important and fun and brings joy. it's an outlet. a creative outlet. and it's awesome. love this post. thanks for putting up such a GREAT reminder. you are a gem.
oh, and nienie is pretty incredible. she's the first blog i ever really got into. inspiring. always.

well said, girl. well said.

Lisa said...

*sigh* I love this. Just love it. Thank you.

Scarlet said...

you've inspired me...

CSterken said...

I love your take on this, wonderful. and WHERE do you find all these awesome retro graphics? I would love to make projects with them >Nice to see someone else loves them too