Friday, January 21, 2011

The Red Dress Writing Prompt

So, I'm feeling brave and decided to join in the fun over at The Red Dress Club. It's right up may ally as they give you a prompt to write about. This week's prompt was to write a post using solely dialogue. Sounds like fun to me! This is an embellished story based on true events.

"I need you to listen to me now because I don't want grandma to hear us."

"I really don't have time to talk right now, Mom. I want to get in the kitchen and clean up the mess she made before she wakes up."

"She took a sedative, we'll have plenty of time to clean up after we talk."

"How long has she been like that? Why didn't you call me to come home sooner?"

"Listen, has grandma mentioned anything to you about her money?"

"Money? No, what money? We need to talk about her Dementia. She almost just burned down the kitchen. Do you see the mess in there, it was really scary to watch that happen. We need to put her in a home, this is just too much for us to handle."

"Shut up and listen to me, for once!"

"Let go of my arm, what's your problem?"

"This is important...has grandma said anything to you about her money? She's gotten so paranoid that I can't ask her about it."

"Uh, no, nothing about money, but she did confess that Grandpa cheated on her while he was in Korea. Did you know that?

"Yes, I know all about it, we need to focus on the money though."

"You knew? How come you never told me?"

"Look, we have more important things to talk about. You know about grandpa's back injury he got while he was stationed in Korea? Well, he received disability checks from the government and all of the checks that they sent were for too much money."

"Okay, so what does that have to do with us?"

"Grandma wrote letter after letter to the government telling them they were sending too much money. They never responded so she would cash the checks and put the extra cash under her mattress for safe keeping just in case the government came calling for it one day."

"How come no one tells me this kind of stuff?"

"Anyway, over the years she just kept collecting cash. In the end it turned out to over $300,000 that she saved. When grandpa died last year the government caught their mistake but excused Grandma from having to give them the money back because of her age."

"So...that means that she has $300,000 in cash under her mattress right now?"

"No, that's the problem, we talked her into putting in a savings account. Well, my friend Debbie works at the bank and told me that a few weeks ago Grandma came into the bank in a rage and demanded that they give her all of her money, in cash."

"Oh no, she must have been having some sort of dementia fit, or something."

"She left with all that cash in her purse and she has hidden it somewhere in the house, I think. I'm afraid that she's going to forget where she hid it and it will be lost forever."

"Oh my God, we have to find it!"

"I know, that's what I've been trying to tell you."

"I'll start looking in the floorboards and you look under all the cushions in her living room."

"Shh...I hear her coming?"

"What are you two talking about?"


Pepca said...

Ooops! Almost caught! You did a great job. I enjoyed he story so much.

Wendy said...

Dementia is such a sad change in life events. It is hard for the family and the person experiencing it. I hope the money is found and used to make the right dreams come true.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Well done, my friend!
I loved that story. Grandma is a smart cookie. Sometimes I want to hide cash under my mattress too.
I really enjoyed that.
p.s. my granddaddy did something very similar before he passed. I was secretly proud of his tough cookie spirit! :)

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

p.s. i DO hope you found/find the moolah and also didn't want you to think I was implying anything else. In my last comment, I was thumbing my nose at the banks. Aghrrrrr the banks. Don't get me started! :)

Erin said... husband's grandmother had Alzheimer's and she did some wacky stuff as a result, too. But you did wonderfully with the prompt and I'm so glad you linked up!!! YAY!


R Montalban said...

I feel like I have had a similar conversation to this one, different but around monies and dementia too! You got me hooked....

Nichole said...

Amazing job!
I heard the hushed voices and felt the urgency.
And now I want to know where they find the money!
So happy you linked up with us. :)

Anonymous said...

Great job! And love the love of your blog. We may have something in common! ;)

Baily Jones said...

That was awesome!

Sarah said...

My grandma found over $1000 a few years ago in her basement. We keep wondering what we are going to find when we eventually have to clean out her house.

singedwingangel said...

Awesome job. Dementia is a scary place to be and scary for the ones caring for the patient.. soooo did ya find the money??

from mel said...

i absolutely love THIS!
so awesome.
i might have to join the fun.
p.s. my grandma has dementia too (and grandpa) and i wish my mom and i could talk about it in such a way. my mom is still dealing with it, which i totally respect, but i hope at one day we can embrace it.
i love the spunky-ness (is that a word?) in this writing.
wonderful, per usual.

Sue said...

But wait!

Where's the rest???


PS. You really pulled me in with this one...

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if this was a conversation that the Grandmother thought she was overhearing but wasn't actually taking place. The dialogue was well paced as well as funny in parts especially with one sister trying to get the other to focus.

Cheryl said...

So glad you linked up with us!

This conversation was so real. Very well done!

Stephanie said...

So, do they find the money? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

Great story, great dialogue!!

From Tracie said...

Wow...what a story. I want to know where the money was hidden!

Holly said...

Well for crying out loud, don't stop now! What did grandma say then? That's just not right!

MultitaskMumma said...

That was great!!

(Florida) Girl said...

I am secretly hoping Grandma went on an all night bender and spent the money on booze and strippers. Is that wrong of me?

This could seriously be the beginning to a much bigger story. You've got me thinking. Stopping by from the rdc.

Scarlet said...

I love this story (I know I've heard it before). So funny and so you and your mom!