Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I can't believe that I would knowingly eat Bambi's mom.

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My husband recently had a very successful hunting trip during deer season.
He shot 5 deer and came home a proud papa.
We have a freezer full of meat
and a beautiful new European mount of the
eight point buck he came home with.
I really think that it looks wonderful perched above our fireplace.

I never would have imagined that I would fall in love with a hunter
and well, I honestly didn't, since Roger started hunting after we were married.
I was always against hunting as a young girl
(who wasn't traumatized by Bambi?)
but I am now seeing it in a different light.

The thing is, I love knowing where our meat comes from.
You cannot get more hormone free than a deer found in the wild
and it's so much more humane than the factory raised meat
you can buy at the grocery store.
I don't buy any meat anymore,
we only eat what Roger brings home.

My father-in-law harvests and protects the deer
at the Plantation where Roger hunts.
I know that it sounds crazy to protect animals and then kill them
but there is a profound respect for nature.

I know that Roger feels a deep satisfaction
knowing that he provides food for his family
Every time I look at that mount
I feel proud of my hunter-gatherer husband.

There is something very primal in the hunt.
There is something spiritual about the sustainability
of the food chain.

I amaze myself all the time
as I start to have new perspectives on hunting.
Thank God because if I was against it,
I could just see myself at marriage counseling,
crying on a therapist's couch
while Roger sat next to me
and polished his rifle.


singedwingangel said...

I grew up around hunting and still hate deer meat. I made a deer roast last night along with a regualr beef roast.. of which I ate none of either. I am not a huge meat fan period. I totally understand the hunting logic. If they were not hunted their population would grow to overwhelming proportions.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Leigh, there was an excellent, excellent article in the Wall Street Street journal about the hunting plantations in Georgia. I think it was a couple of weeks ago in the Off Duty section over the weekend. Anyway, fascinating stuff.
I grew up in a family of hunters and never ate beef. We even ate venison burgers. If you ever want some yummy recipes (esp. for venison lion) let me know.
The Euro mounted rack is stunning. And very in vogue.
I totally agree with you on this post. Hunting can be a very misunderstood thing...

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

oops--I meant recipes for venison "loin"... :)

VandyJ said...

Nick hunts and it stretches our grocery bill quite nicely. I grew up eating wild meat and I do like knowing where our meat comes from.

R Montalban said...

That would make a great picture, you crying in a couch whilst Roger polished his gun and a therapist was sitting advising in a chair opposite!

You are just such a cutie, I just love hearing your thoughts they are just so sincere and well, lovely :-)

Heather said...

There is NOTHING like fresh meat! My husband is no where NEAR a hunter but if he were, I'd totally eat his meat. HAHAHAHA!

Amy said...

It is very cool that your family has access to meat that is not raised inhumanely or treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.

I buy only organic meat now and it costs me a fortune. If we run out before our next paycheck, I try to come up with a vegtarian dinner menu.

You're saving a fortune by having Roger hunt your dinner and it's healthier and better for you & your kiddos too. Win/wim:)

Jaclyn said...

What a wonderful attitude you have. My dad hunts occasionally. He's never gotten a deer, but he's always wanted one. When he does, it will be an interesting day -- my mom will flip out when it happens :)

Dixie Mom said...

I'm not fond of deer meat but the whole idea of hunting and using what you hunt is great to me. I do like elk though...and we have a freezer of that. It feels good to have it!

Sue said...

I'm perfectly okay with hunting when the intent is to eat the meat.

It's the hunting for sport that I don't like.

And you make some very good points here about the humanity of shooting an animal in the wild for food as opposed to slaughter houses.

Good post.


Daffy said...

Whew! I was so happy to see you come around to supporting the hunter. It saved me a HUGE monologue *grin* It is WAY more humane than any meat you buy at your market!!!!! aaaaand....I'll leave my soap box as tiny as that.

Beautiful photo as always!!


Stephanie K. said...

We live in a rural area where hunting and fishing are just part of our dad wasn't a hunter (though his dad and brother were), but I kind of wish my hubby would take it up. I agree with you on all counts. People who think it's cruel, then buy hamburger from a feedlot are deluding themselves about the lives of the animals they're eating. Every hunter I've known has a profound respect for nature, the animals they hunt, and the balance of caring for and hunting them.

Melanie Mueller said...

My husband is an avid hunter, well I say obsessed, so we have a freezer full of deer meat as well.
Just came across your bog and I love it! I am a stay at home mom to three boys and your newest follower!

Joy@TPMG said...

My uncle used to hunt and we would often have what he shot for dinner after it was butchered. It certainly is better knowing where your dinner is coming from rather than what you pick up in the supermarket.

Jessica Monte said...

I just found your blog today and am loving it. That last paragraph of this post made me laugh, oh my goodness! Oh, and I am a semi-vegetarian, but being married to a meat eater whose father was an avid hunter, I've learned to accept hunting as part of our lives.

Loving your blog!