Thursday, February 10, 2011

Livin' la Vida Loca

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I am a firm believer in trips to Party City for no reason,
it's good for the soul.
I found this awesome headband in the fiesta theme area recently.
What's not to love about a tiny sequined sombrero?
It's like it was made just for me.

This headband is helping me to live the crazy life.
Thursday night is taco night at my house.
This just means that I grab an Old El Paso Taco Kit and cook it up.
I put on this little sombrero and talk like a drunk Hispanic man
while I stir the ground beef.

If you are an old Hispanic man or know any old Hispanic men
I hope that I am not offending you.
The thing is, that my kids think that it's hilarious.
So I just can't help myself.
If mama has the sombrero on
things can get a little crazy around here.

The past few Thursdays Roger has walked in the door from work
to see me in my fancy headband and we all scream
at the top of our lungs.

Koen usually looks frightened at that point.

We really need to get out more.


singedwingangel said...

BWHAHAH I would love to be a fly on your wall for just a day.. I pick Thursday

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

First of all, your picture is completely awesome. I would totally blow that up into an 11x14 and enter it into an art show. I would buy it for my own home. I love it. LOVE it.
Secondly, I am married to a Venezuelan and if this tells you anything about our sense of humor--one of our favorite movies is Napoleon Dynomite and my hubby has a "Vote for Pedro" T shirt which he regularly wears around the house just to make me laugh. ;)
I'm with singedwingangel--I'd love to be a fly on your wall. xo

Lucy said...

That's so cute!

R Montalban said...

I want to come round to your house and join in, you sound so much fun.

Stephanie K. said...

Okay. My to do list for the day now includes making myself a tiny sombrero. Because I need one. I try not to covet, but I am covetting yours. I'm going to a Mexican restaurant for my birthday this weekend. Wonder if I would offend if I wore one? My husband reads one of our kids' fave books, (The Troll, by Julia Donaldson) with: a Chinese accent, a German accent, and three Coronation Street (working class English) accents. The political correctedness police will knock on your door right after they knock on mine.
You made my day with this post.

Missy said...

I adore that sombrero. I would clean my house in it and pretend to be Speedy Gonzales. Hey - I have a Party City up the street, I should investigate! Thanks for the giggle this morning. :)

Sue said...

These are the kind of things that make for lovely childhood memories and deep family ties.

You are doing such a good job at being the mom.


Asha said...

I miss Party City. We don't have one close by. :(

T.J. said...

Ok, first off- I love your comment disclaimer up there! It's really perfect. I recently shut down comments for that very reason- I feel so guilty too when I don't respond, but now I'm wondering if I should just write a nice little love note and then open comments hmmm...

Anyway, this post made me laugh, but with a bit of familiarity. We love to be silly around our house too- I even have a crab pin that I wear to warn my toddler- don't mess with me today I'm totally crabby. The taco night sombrero idea is a new one for me, but it sounds awesome!

Amanda said...

Fantastic! You are so fun :)

Stephanie said...

Leigh, I say our first shoot is at Party City. I just went over there last weekend to get supplies for Cole's 40th b-day and I said the same thing. "How can anyone not LOVE Party City?" ... I love how you roll on Thursdays! Way to kick it up a notch and make tacos fun! You rule sister. ;)