Friday, April 8, 2011

Freakshow Friday : Denim Edition

It's time for another installment of Freakshow Friday. Where I ask my readers to come up with a caption or story for a funny photo found on the web. My best friend will be the judge and she's one hilarious freakaziod. So, bring it! Here is this week's photo, these two need to get a room.

Denim-the new redneck aphrodisiac.

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If you win then I'll link up to your
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Simply leave your funny caption or story
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The winner will be announced on Monday.


Kelsey said...

You...have a nice chin. *swoon*


Snidely Whiplash said...

He doesn't like women "that way"
So you need that little something to bring him closer.
The new mouthwash for women who like men who like men.

VandyJ said...

Romance: Soft lighting and denim does it every time.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

These Jeans are so tight! I think I might just pass out!

LaurenKauf said...

He pulls her closer, tightly in the embrace of his soft over worn denim jacket, she looks at him and says in a deeply passionate way, "I want to rip your top of the ear hoop earring out, because I hate it." He smirks grabs her by the chin and says "You have some left over TAB soda on your cheek, please let me lick it off." She closes her eyes, lets out a deep sigh, and replies, "I hate you."

fredamans said...

Jean and Levi's Engagement Photo.

Jenn said...

Chet pauses while trying to decide if he wants to bring Billie Jean to by giving her mouth to mouth or if he wants to snag that fine jacket she's wearing.

Jenn said...

Code Blue: We have a bat in the hangar!

Mommy in Real Life said...

Original Twilight movie poster circa 1987

R Montalban said...

Calvin Klein cuddling suit $14.99.

Asha said...

Necrophilia: Because dead girls can't say no.