Tuesday, August 9, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness :: Week 23


Our rainy day routine.

It starts when Griffin nervously

looks out the window

and comments on the dark clouds looming overhead.

He is like a little anxious weatherman.


As the rain starts to fall,
we force our children to sit on the porch with us

to enjoy the smell and sounds of a rain shower.

They reluctantly face their fears as
we all watch the weather unfold

and they eat popsicles.

I offered them this treat during one scary storm
and now they always request one
as they try so hard to act brave
and watch the rain fall in our yard.

I love it that they now associate stormy
days with something sweet.


Inevitably, if thunder and lightning appear
they run inside and beg us to make a fort for safety.

We did this on a whim
in an effort to comfort them
that same scary storm.
Now they request it every single time

that a storm passes through.

We all run around the house
to gather blankets

and construct a safe place
to hide from the thunder.


The boys climb in with their
most treasured lovies.

They have a picnic in their fort
while trying to ignore the wooshing wind
and clapping of thunder outside our home.


They feel safe as we gather books
and have story time

until the dark cloud passes over.

I just love this little ritual
that unfolded one stormy day.

I love that they can count on the same events

happening every single time.

I love that we have found a way to comfort them
when the lightening cracks
and the thunder booms.


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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love that kids expect the same things each time. Cute forts.

Priscilla said...

My kids love forts too!

From Tracie said...

That is a great fort!!

My daughter loves making forts. She even has a special bag that she has filled with stuff for "blackout drills" (the elaborate game she has invented for the times when the power goes out) that we play with in the fort.

I love that y'all sit on the porch and eat popsicles. That is awesome!

Kristy said...

Oh, that is so sweet. I love to the storms from our porch too!

Jenn Valmonte said...

The last two pictures look so cute!

Caroline said...

You've captured such a special moment so perfectly.

I love forts. I remember so well as a child how much happiness they gave me to build them and play in them. I think it must be the human's first connection with creating a "home" and it makes us feel secure.

Y'all are such great parents. xo

Anonymous said...

Awww. I love these. How fun!

Linda D. said...

So creative to find a way to get through "storms" in life. Gathering as a family. Refocusing attention on something as wonderful as reading books and making forts! This can teach kiddos to find creative ways to overcome their fears with their families!

Linda D. said...

P.S. Love those photos!

Ashley Sisk said...

How fun - I wish I had a porch to sit on during a storm...I love the sound and the smell.

patty said...

this post made me feel all warm and cozy inside.... :)

Jessica said...

That is so sweet. Used to make forts with my girls.....I remember when I was young my brother and I would too. LOL

Lisa said...

Oh! WOW! What a great thing to do. I will have to try this with my youngest. We had a little tornado blow through our place ripping up trees and throwing around umbrellas. It was all kind of scary! and now when there is any rain at all my 5 year old looks at me very scared and says "I'm not worried." "We will be okay...right?" My poor little girl!

Sue said...

It's fun how family traditions develop. A lot of times, it's the kids who make that happen, isn't it? And the parents happily go along for the ride...


Tima said...

That is so sweet and wonderful.

rachel said...

that's so cute! my son would be in heaven there!

tiarastantrums said...

that is so sweet! poor little one!

Tina said...

Nice shots! :) This little guy on my post brought much happiness in our life! Have a look on it! :) xo Tina

Pieni Lintu said...

Cute! :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

How fun Leigh- I love rainy days and all the neat activities that go along with them.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Awesome Fort! :) Good times :)

Carletta said...

Such a wonderful story!
When my granddaughters spent two weeks with us we sat in the opening of our garage and explained when you see the lightning wait and listen for the thunder. When the thunder came as we had promised their heads twirled to look at us and their eyes got really big. It was a magical moment.
Carletta's Captures

Susan said...

Oh, I used to LOVE making forts when we were little. Never because of thunder & lightening though, we always thought that was cool!

Christina Klas said...

I could go for a good rainy day. It hasn't been hot here like the rest of the world. Pretty cool... Yesterday I lit some candles and it hit me - I can't wait for the FALL! I'd really love a good rain/wind/thunder storm. :)

Heidi said...

In the unpredictable world of motherhood, it really is so nice to be able to count on a few routines to pull you through! Such a great way to put a positive spin on a scary storm. :)

Muriel said...

Looks like so much fun!

Alisha said...

forts are the best! love your 52 week idea...great stuff!

Sky @ Capital B said...

Been a few weeks since I've joined you and happy to be back! Your fort makes me smile :) A very frequent occurrence in my boys' world too!

from mel said...

aw...those are the summer days i miss so. i would watch the weather like a hawk too, mostly so i could hide in the basement and listen to the thunder. ;)