Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scenes from the Pool : Little Victories

Griffin is taking swimming lessons
so I have been spending some time
watching children learn to swim
as I lounge by the pool.

I've witnessed little victories floating all around them.


My own sweet boy has a bit of anxiety in the water
so even getting in the water was a success for him.
I watched as he kicked his way down the pool as instructed
and when he approached the deep end,
I saw him freeze.

I wished so badly to hear his thoughts
as he floated in one spot
trying to overcome his fears.

I wanted to jump in and help him
but I knew that it was important that
he pushed through his anxiety.


So, there he floated anxiosuly
as he tried to decide what to do next.
Other children simply swam past him
as he was frozen in fear.

He seemed like he might have floated in that spot forever

I watched him start to turn around
to take shelter in the shallow end
but something stopped him.

Slowly, he kicked his legs
and propelled forward.

He glided into the deep end
with a huge grin on his face
and never looked back

Sweet little victory!


There was another boy who was afraid of diving.
He sat perched in this position for what seemed like ages.
Everyone at the pool chanted his name
as he tried to build up the nerve to dive.

I could see his inner struggle
as teachers and fellow students
would yell a countdown for him.

Three...he took in a deep breath.
Two...he licked his lips.
One...he wiped a tear from his eye.
Go...he sat motionless on the edge of the pool.

His arms were outstretched for a long time
before he leaned forward
and dove deeply into the pool.

As he swam across the lane,
toward his Father who waited with open arms at the other end,
he screamed and cried between paddles.

Every single person in and around the pool
jumped and cheered as he swam.
until finally, he glided into his Father's arms.

It was a beautiful moment.
I felt honored to witness
such a personal little victory.

These sweet children will always remember these
pivotal moments in their lives.


anni said...

yes !! I guarantee you that these little victories will stay engraved in their hearts and minds for e v e r
greetings from Brussels

Andrea said...

That is beyond a "little" victory! Hooray for the deep end conquerors!

Linda D. said...

Brought back so many memories!

shopwithm said...

Such a lovely post. It made me choke up, just thinking about all these kinds of little victories that are ahead for my own little guy. What a wonderful moment. :)

Sue said...

Watching our children's little victories is one of the greatest blessings of raising them!


Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Way to make me cry!

I love that everyone in the crowd was so supportive. You live in a neat community, Leigh. What a beautiful thing to witness both in your son and the other little boy. :)