Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sad Trees


Yesterday I woke up sad.
It wasn't any one thing bringing me down.
My bones were tired
from being up with a sick baby all night.


The sound of rain pitter pattered
on the roof as I pulled myself out of bed.
Somehow, it comforted me.


As the day unfolded, it just got worse.
Exhaustion led to frustration
and before I knew it, I was a mess.


I wandered outside as a light rain fell.
The trees were covered in raindrops
that made it look like the trees were crying.

It was so serene and I felt kindred
to all the sad leaves and sticks.


By the time I said goodbye
to the last weeping leaf,
I felt better.

Sometimes it helps me
to think that nature
is sad too.


R Montalban said...

It's been raining here too, hope the sun comes out both inside and out soon.

Linda D. said...

Great expressive photos that perfectly matched your mood. Amazing to be in sync with nature and find peace.

Ashley Sisk said...

awwwww need a hug? The rain does make me sad too...or rather like sleeping all day.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Those trees do seem sad.

Andrea said...

sick baby=sad FOR SURE! Hoping for sunnier times

Caroline said...

Absolutely, Leigh.

Sometimes I think God created those analogies in nature to comfort us. And not everyday brings sunshine, I always say.

sending love to you, my friend. xo

Sue said...

Nature is always a healing place for me to be.