Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Magic of Nana and Poppy's Front Yard : Part 2

Not only is Nana and Poppy's
yard magical,
but my mom can take a boring afternoon
and make it awesome.


Just by saying...
"I think that I need some flower pots in my yard."

We all piled in the car and took
a trip to Lowe's to buy some flowers.


It was an event as the boys
grabbed flower after flower.
I've never seen two little boys
so excited to pick out Pansies and Mums.

*Not pictured in this post is the epic tantrum that

Koen threw in the middle of Lowe's

over wanting to hold a broom.

It was impressive.


We then had a little planting party
in her front yard.


It was so much fun to play in the dirt.

*Not shown in this post is when
Koen threw dirt in the air and

got it in his hair.


We crammed flowers into pots
and dumped the soil on top.
The boys felt like real gardeners.

*Not shown in this post is when

the boys fought over getting

soil out of the bag and had

a sword fight with gardening tools.


It was so sweet to see Griffin
tending to the flowers
and giving them a drink of water.

*Not shown in the post is when

I got sprayed from head to toe

with the hose while filling

up that cute watering can.


The boys were so proud
of the flowers
that they planted.

It was worth the
epic tantrum,
flying dirt,
garden tool duel,
and hose soaked clothes
to see them
enjoy working in Nana's magical yard.


Andrea said...


Sue said...

Loved this two-sided tale of helping Grandma in the yard of wonder...


Linda D. said...

More magical memories peppered in with just the right amount of reality (e.g., mini-tantrums, tool sword fights) and all of the warts! Love it!

Caroline said...

I LOVE the "behind the scenes" little snip-its of activity! I can SO relate! I love that y'all spent the day gardening together--tantrums, and dirt flying sprinkled with a little Mama magic and all.

p.s. Your mom sounds awesome, by the way!