Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Switch Witch

Will you trick your kids
into giving up their treats this Halloween?
Come on over and join the discussion
over at my weekly column on Athens Patch!!

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Sue said...

Headed over, but I can probably answer it right now.

No way!


Andrea said...

Headed over, but as usual Patch keeps telling me I have to activate my account, and I can't remember how I made it work last time--I'll try a few more times, and then just comment back here if I have no success!

Linda D. said...

I'm heading over, too. Always a thought-provoking experience!

Linda D. said...

I think the Switch Witch is genius on so many levels, but when my kids were little I would have had to have pried the candy sacks away from their fisted, grasping hands with a crow bar!

Loved the description of your childhood memories, Leigh... always a fun read!

Caroline said...

on my way!