Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's Play, Mama!

I'm not sure if my fellow mama's out there
feel the same way that I do about their children's toys.
Maybe it's because I get down and play on the ground with them pretty often
because I end up having a relationship with their stuff.

Over the holiday, as we emptied boxes of new toys and games,
I found myself surrounded by all kinds of new games and activities.


I pushed wooden trains on winding tracks
and then I rebuilt tracks that
were thrown and tossed around the room.

Keeping a train table track intact is tricky with a wild 2 year old.


I ate wooden food that was "cooked" on a grill.
My little chef shoved corn on the cob
and Shish Kabobs into my face
and exclaimed "yummy!"

Sometimes we put pretend ketchup on pretend shrimp.


I became a little fire breathing dragon
as I played Skylander for Wii with Grifffin.
I actually enjoy playing Spryro, it's pretty fun
and imaginative.

I get a hundred million gazillion cool points
from Griffin because I play video games with him.


I jumped and cheered as Griffin
built up the nerve to ride on
the new zip line that he got for Christmas.

It took him a bit but
he eventually zipped on by like a pro.


Even though my little adventurer
got a lift on daddy's shoulders,
he felt like a big boy.

Our backyard was transformed
to a high flying
zip zapping
good time.

What toys did you find yourself playing with over the holidays?


R Montalban said...

That looks like such a lot of fun, I want to join in :-)

angel shrout said...

Ohh tell him he is braver then I going down the zip line.. I still can't do it. Looks like ya'll had a blast.

Linda D. said...

What great fun and joy are evident in those pretty pix! My new toys? Hmmm... great new books to read, pretty scarves, movies to watch, pretty jewelry... OKAY, not toys but fun for me!

Caroline said...

I do the same thing, Leigh! The girls got a Melissa and Doug dollhouse for Christmas and it is so adorable. I keep opening it up and arranging the furniture when they are playing with something else. The other day, for a moment, I kind of forgot myself and I think I felt like I was 6 again! :)

Such a sweet post, Leigh!

Sue said...

None, really. I think I need to actually "play" more than I do.


Andrea said...

Just Dance 3 for the Wii has some super awesome songs on it. I don't really get to touch the Legos (sniff, sniff), but maybe I will bedazzle something while its owner is at school tomorrow!

I want a zip line! Fun photos!

Gina Kleinworth said...

I do get really attached to certain things the kids have. I don't really play with them- they are usually too busy playing with each other to have mom join in. But I do fall in love with certain things they have & once they outgrow them- it's bittersweet for me

My Captivating Images said...

I played with a Lalaloopsy silly hair doll,Paper Jamz guitar, Leapfrog phone, Zhu Zhu pets, and trains. I have often said I think I have a toy addiction and sometimes I think I like their toys more than they do. :)