Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life Well Lived : Looking Your Best

Blogher asked me: What are your 2012 Fashion Resolutions?
How do you plan to feel great by looking your best this year?

I know that it seems so simple but my resolution
is to take more time for myself and try to shower more.
Don't worry, I'm the queen of the cat I'm not smelly.
With two young kiddos, I don't always take the time
that I should to make myself look my best.

It doesn't matter if you have fancy clothes on,
if they are wrinkled and your hair looks like Yahoo Serious
then you are not going to look and feel great.

So, I vow to shower more, put product in my hair,
smear a little lipstick on my lips,
and put my best face forward in 2012!

What about you? Head on over to this week's
Live Well Lived post over at Blogher
and tell us your 2012 Fashion Resolutions.

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Andrea said...

Ah yes! Great ideas! My kids are 11 and 14, so we have really outgrown me pretending I don't have time to wave a little makeup in the general area of my face. I am trying to work some pants into my wardrobe that are not denim as well, oh and pairing them with shirts that fit (as opposed to all of the large and extra larges I bought when I didn't have the time to return things--too big is ok to wear...comfy even!)

Nessa Bixler said...

I love me a good cat bath! I am trying to get up and dressed before my daughter wakes up. That way it gets done... and I don't end up rocking 3-day-old hair with baby powder in a pony tail.

Linda D. said...

I think taking good care of your skin, even if it's just using a good soap and water wash and adding moisturizer with SPF of 30+ before applying makeup literally gives a wonderful foundation for make up. ALSO, protects your skin in ways that prevent sun damage and aging!

Katherine said...

I actually made a resolution to take baths this year, instead of just showers. I just want the time to soak and truly relax.

Sue said...

I am going to make sure I do my entire skin regimen every day. I know it makes a big difference in how my skin looks and feels.