Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inflation and The Tooth Fairy

My weekly column is up
and this week it asks...

has the economy kept The Tooth Fairy
from visiting your house?

Has it made you cut back on
how much she leaves behind?

How much do your kids earn per tooth?

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Sue said...

I think we used to give a dollar. When I was young, I got a quarter.

So I guess inflation lives in tooth fairy land?

I'll go over and read your article.


Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Ha! Sort of- they are losing less teeth now- so it's more the allowance that we have to cut back on. They used to get 50% of their age each week for their chores + extra if they did "extra credit"- well that was running us about $60-70 a month for the 3 of them. So when we were hit with a furlough- we had to cut back the allowance to about half of what we were doing before. I feel bad- but geezzz.

Mother Theresa said...

We're done with the tooth fairy around here, well, actually in Spain it's a mouse (El Ratoncito PĂ©rez). Ours used to get small gifts instead of money.

Caroline said...

We haven't lost any teeth yes, but I'm going to read this once I get Lizzie off to school so I can be prepared!

Corina Turner said...

Seven dollars isn't bad for your son… my daughter only had five. My daughter puts her earnings in her piggy bank. I expect that from her, because she's a thrifty type of child.

Corina Turner