Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finding Rainbows


I just love all the little rainbows
that pop up in my home.
One of Griffin's projects he did at school
lines the window in my hallway.

It makes the hallway feel really cheerful


In the morning, there us a huge
rainbow shining on the wall.
As I trudge through with baskets of laundry
it puts a smile on my face.


Everyday at about 5:00 pm,
when the children are having a wild rumpus
and dropped Cheerios cover my floor,
the setting sun shines through
the stained glass on my front door and casts rainbows
all over my messy carpet.

It's a like sign of hope that my crazy day
is almost over.


Linda D. said...

I love rainbows and your post inspires me to look for my own form of rainbows in my house! Thanks.

angel shrout said...

My mom's house is right behind mine. Without fail after every storm there is a rainbow over her house. I have pictures of them everytime I saw them. Since she has passed I have yet to see anymore. Which saddens me..

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Rainbows are always good!

Caroline said...

My mom has prisims (sp?) in many of the windows in her house. The rainbows just dance right through and I've always loved it!
Your photography is awesome, Leigh.

Sue said...

What a cool project!

I love prisms. My front door side window has them and it throws little rainbows all over my entry hall.