Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Capture : Peach


It was quite serendipitous
that this week's theme was peach
over at You Capture.

I actually helped to chaperone
Griffin's class to see the play
James and the Giant Peach.


As we approached the old theatre,
I noticed that the bricks were a lovely shade of peach.


The old velvet seats were peach too.


The backdrop had swirls and ribbons of peach.


There was a huge giant glittery peach.


There were even song about peaches,
while they pretended to eat the peach,
and fly through the sky on that same peach.

It was very serendipitous, indeed.


angel shrout said...

Oh how cute.. I loved that movie and so did my kids

Linda D. said...

How fun to see a live play. Peaches were a terrific bonus for you.

Sue said...

Cool looking theater, too!


Andrea said...

That is just peachy (sorry) incredibly cool how all of that peachiness came together by coincidence for the show.