Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday Night Date Hiatus

You may or may not have noticed that
I haven't been posting our Friday Night Dates lately.
Well, we decided to take a little break from our splendid home spun dates.
Our 9 year anniversary is fast approaching and we thought
that a trip to a cabin in the mountains, just the two of us,
would be a lovely way to celebrate.

Money is tight, so we sat down and crunched
the numbers to see if we could fund our little get-away.
It wasn't very romantic when we discovered
that we pretty much didn't have a money tree growing in our backyard.

So we put our heads together and tried to find where we could save money in our budget.
Then it hit me, if we stopped forking out the cash
for fancy things like goat cheese, elderflower liquor, and champagne
for our Friday Night Dates,
then we might just have the money to go away together for a weekend.

So, that's it's exactly what we decided to do.
No more sumptuous dishes or extravagant drinks for us.
At first I was sad because I really enjoyed the planning, preparing,
and the imbibing of our fancy dates.

The beauty of the Friday Night Date was that
we had made each other a priority and that we felt connected.
We are still finding ways to inject that into our everyday lives.
Maybe it's a small gesture like playing footsie
under the table while we play a game of scrabble
or if he playfully smacks my butt when we
pass each other putting the kids to bed.

Friday nights now consist of us curled up on the couch,
watching a good movie or our favorite television shows on Netflix.
We may munch away on chips and salsa and wash it down with a cheap beer.
It feels good to make a sacrifice so that we can go
on our getaway in the mountains next month.
It feels almost romantic that we worked together
to find a way to make it happen.

We make a good team.

Money may be tight for us,
but we are rich in love.

Soon, we'll snuggle up in this beautiful cabin,
and our Friday Night Date hiatus will pay off.

{photo credit here}


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Enjoy your trip to the cabin. You can still have date nights without the fancy cheeses. I need to get back into it.

Mama Zen said...

That cabin will be totally worth it!

Sue said...

Rich in love.
You surely are.

And you are going to have a wonderful getaway.


angel shrout said...

Sounds like you are still having date nights.. just on the cheaper side. Have fun on your anniversary.

Andrea said...

Your new date nights sound almost more relaxed and just as much fun!


Your marriage is the envy of most, I think and that is down to you, Leigh. YOu don't get resentful stuck at home with kids and a mountain of housework,berating the man who 'gets' to go out to work and escape that.

You're a wonderful mummie but also don't lose sight of the fact that you're also a sexual, young woman.

Both your kids and your husband is very lucky.

Secret: I HATE Mummy blogs really,but am addicted to yours!


Oops, I changed sentence midway...that should have read both your kids and your husband ARE very lucky. :)

Caroline said...

Oh your cabin getaway sounds AWESOME!

Leigh--we too are tight with the dough! I can relate! And, we too like the occasional fun cheese but like you we've learned our little indulgences add up! And I swear I'm a cheap date. I may not be proud to say it, but give me a bag of cheese puffs and a netflix and I'm a happy camper. But you really did inspire me with this series. There were a few nights I tossed some sundried tomatoes and cheese on some crackers totally inspired by your date night!

Love to y'all and happy anniversary coming up!