Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pacifier Addiction!

My three-year-old son is addicted to his pacifier.
Do you think there's a cut off age for pacifiers?
How in the world can I gently wean my kid off the thing?

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Any advice would be appreciated!


Sue said...

My kids never took one very well and totally lost interest after about three months.

So I'm no help!


Andrea said...

I guess we were lucky, in that my daughter sucked her thumb, but only if she had her lambie in the other hand, so if lambie stayed in her bedroom, she only sucked her thumb there and eventually (read: years) it just stopped. Not sure if restricting the place might work for you as a first step. It wasn't a time thing...just a place.

Linda D. said...

I think once they bite through the thing, it should just go away! Maybe give it to him when he's really hungry so that might happen? Just kidding. Reduce it in stages. Only at home. Only in the Car. Only in the bed. And then bury the things! They will have served their purpose!

BTW, great article.

Melanie Mueller said...

My pediatrician said to make three my goal. My little guy will be three at the end of June and the thought of breaking him from his paci is scary! He is addicted as well! Glad I am not alone!!
My oldest took one and I did the only in bed or car and breaking him wasn't bad at all. But he was not quite too and was a lot less addicted. Let me know when you get the process started and I will go through the torture with you!! =)

Caroline said...

I'm on my way over!

My kids never took to a pacifier and in a way, I was disappointed. My friends whose children did use them always seemed a little more chilled whereas, I was having to sway and dance and rock and distract my babes. But, I imagine breaking the habit would be tricky. That being said--we did have some trouble getting our oldest two to stop drinking out of sippy cups. Finally this winter we were successful (at age 4 and 6!)