Thursday, May 10, 2012

The elusive "me time"

It's been a tough week.
Griffin has been home from school
with an ear infection.
He hasn't been the kindest patient, if you know what I mean.

Koen is still adjusting to
no longer taking a nap.
He hasn't been the kindest no napper.

My patience has been worn thin.

So, I was thrilled when I
handed my little scamps off to my mom
so that I could go to a Dr. appointment.


You would have thought that I was walking into a spa
when I approached the doors of the medical center.
It was quiet, no one was tugging at my skirt.
No one was calling anyone else a "stupid head".


I was all alone in the waiting room.
It was blissful to read an old Health magazine in peace.
No one was begging me to get them a snack.
No one was fussing.
No little people that I am in charge of were on the floor wrestling.


Without going into the boring details,
I hurt my back a while ago
and yesterday was my last day of physical therapy.

My back is strong and I'm feeling great.
I really enjoyed my very last deep tissue massage.

It really was like a day at the spa.
It's a sad state of affairs when you consider
a solo doctor appointment to be "me time".


I even escaped and grabbed a bite to eat
all by myself.

I read a book.
I sipped on Pellegrino.

No one was hitting me on the head
with a pretend lightsaber.

It was awesome.


Linda D. said...

Yes, that's pretty good that a deep tissue massage doc appointment gives you some "me time". As always I love your perspective! Thanks for sharing. And feel better.

angel shrout said...

Oh how I hear you and mine are much much older then yours. Except I have to add my sister who can't drive herself anywhere beyond a 15 mile radius by herself. My aunt who we have to cook for and bring to her.. Oh how I hear you..

Katherine said...

Sometimes, I consider going grocery shopping by myself me time. A doctor's appointment where I could just sit down sounds divine.

Caroline said...

You just described my dream day! :)

As you know, I can relate! I've often gone to a doctor's appointment and enjoyed it!

p.s. I am glad your back is better. Back pain is NO fun.

Sue said...

One time I went to mop a friend's floor for her, leaving my kids at home.

I remember being amazed how much fun I was having mopping the floor. With no kids at all...