Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Road to Hana

With our anniversary fast approaching,
I have been reminising about our honeymoon.
We went to Maui, it was like a dream.

One day we journeyed on
The Road to Hana,
which is the name given to the 68-mile long
stretch of Hawaii State Highways 36 and 360.

It's an amazing adventure
that takes you past waterfalls, lagoons,
and so many other beautiful landscapes
that Maui has to offer.


The adventure should not be rushed because
once you get to the little town of Hana,
you will only find a sign, a gas station, and a small church.

You see, the magic of the Road to Hana
is the journey, not the destination.
If you rush to get to Hana,
you will miss all the beautiful views
scattered along the way.

After we completed our quest,
I decided to take that experience
as a metaphor for how I lived my life.

Even now, as I've journeyed into motherhood
I have kept that experience close to my heart.

I am on my own "Road to Hana"
but mine involves things like cooking dinner, kissing boo boos,
bathing filthy boys, telling bedtime stories,
the list could go on and on.


These are important strolls that must also be taken slowly.

The joy of being a Mom can be missed if
one were to rush through these tasks.

So I take the time to pause
and enjoy the beautiful moments
that I encounter with my children along the way.


If you have ever been on a walk with a child,
you know that children live by this philosophy inherently.
We stop often to poke sticks into holes
or to throw rocks into the woods.

Very often, we have no destination.


angel shrout said...

As a mom to 3 teens, the youngest hitting it in November at the ripe age of 13. It does happen too fast. AS I have grown older everything seems to have gone so fast, speeding by, I blink and another month is gone.

Linda D. said...

The Road to Hanna is a beautiful metaphor for life!
Your last photo, taken in the style of your Hawaii pix, is a revelation! I'm inspired, as always!

Andrea said...

You are so incredible at catching the very essence of mommy-ness! Love the post, the metaphor, the pics!

Katherine said...

Beautiful metaphor. And it makes me want a vacation.

Caroline said...


LOVE you, Leigh. xo