Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Safe are Your Kids at Camp?

Do you send your child to camp?
Have you ever feared for his or her safety there?

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Linda D. said...

What an eye opener! I sent my kiddos to some school-related or church-related camps and, as far as I know the only stories they came back with were about little broken teenage hearts because they couldn't see their new camp boyfriend or girlfriend any more! oh my!

Leovi said...

I'd like to send my child to camp, but he flatly refuses to go and I will not send against their will.

Sue said...

I sent mine to church camps and didn't worry much because they were with friends and sometimes even with my husband.

My brother, however, was almost killed at a sports camp once when a shotput hit him on the head. That was scary to think about.

However, you can't protect your kids all the time, and we need to let them live full lives, right?