Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Rhythm of Summer : Week 5 and 6

Summer is in full swing
and in an effort to make sure
that I don't just plop my kids in front of the TV all day,
I am pulling out all the stops
to keep my children engaged and entertained.

I plan to document some of our
simple summer adventures here each week.

Here's what we've done recently...


Drove a pretend truck to an imaginary land.


Made potions in the pool in the backyard.

Koen's latest potion ingredients:
*Pool water
*Empty snail shell found in backyard
*A wooden fish
*A piece of ice
*A rock


Put a shower liner on the dining room table
and got down and dirty with some paints.


Crossed a dangerous bridge over molten hot lava.


Wrote, directed, and produced
future Oscar nominated short films.


Performed a puppet show
about a dragon that gets terrorised by a very mean bunny.


Hunted and trapped a lizard.
Named it Lizzie.

Watched it turn green,
black, grey, and brown.

Then mustered up all our courage
to set Lizzie free.


Katherine said...

I used to catch lizards all the time when I was little. I would do the same with my boys, only I haven't seen a lizard since we moved here. We catch a lot of frogs instead.

Linda D. said...

What a fun home-spun summer you're giving your boys. You're also making unforgettable memories for them.

angel shrout said...

I love your pictures and your boys' imagination. I remember when my boys were little the adventures they would take.

Caroline said...

Love it! You're a fun mama!

p.s. the artwork is AWESOME!!!

Sue said...

Summer is looking good at your house...