Thursday, September 27, 2012

The most magical place on earth is about to be taken over by maniacs.

Something super fantastic about to happen for our little family.
We're going to Disney World!!!

Hoo-ray! The most magical place on earth
is about to get taken over by my little monsters!
Watch out park goers, things are gonna get a little crazy.

So, my mom and I cooked up this plan
to go the week after Thankgiving
so that the parks will be less crowded
and it won't be a million degrees
when we are grouchily waiting in 
(hopefully shorter than usual) lines.

We have a ton of Disney guides
and were mapping our assault
to squeeze every little bit of fun we can
in a whirlwind 3 day trip to the parks.

Any advice for doing Disney with a 3-year-old
and a gluten intolerant mom would
be greatly appreciated.


Linda D. said...

Make sure to take advantage of the pool and all the extras at your hotel. I hear the weather (and heated pools) make down time after the parks fun and relaxing.

Melinda said...

Have a great time! Check out my favourite planning sites.

I've taken my kids since they were little, my best advice (from experience) is to relax, go with it and don't stress about getting on the rides. Just enjoy the time.
I'm planning a trip in January, last one, my girls are moving out next year, I miss the age when they believed that Cinderella really lived in the castle!