Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's begining to look a lot like Christ-mas


I've gone crazy decorating the homestead 
for the holidays.


No area in my house is safe
from being covered in merriment.

With stuff like a fuzzy snowman
that my mom saw at the store
and just couldn't resist bringing to me as a gift.

Thanks, mama!
I lurve it.


Or mischievous little mice that look
like they could throw a snowball in
your face at any given moment.


This was my Mother-in-law's nativity
from when Roger was a child.

She passed it down to us because
Roger used to badger her about putting it out for a decoration year round
then sit and stare lovingly at baby Jesus whenever
Christmas rolled around and she put it on the shelf.

He loves this ol' thing and now I do too.


My most special ornament from when Griffin
was a wee baby and look innocent and sweet.


Or a dreamy girl making a wish on the moon.


I just adore these felt roses.
They make my dining room table look super fancy.
My place looks like it got shot with a glitter cannon 
and I wouldn't have it any other way.


angel shrout said...

I absolutely adore Christmas for the decorations alone. This year we gained mom's tree and I put it up in the front window. Complete with the ornament we got from the funeral home at the yearly rememberance services.

Sue said...

We're pretty decorated up, too. It's fun, eh?


PS. I love that nativity as well. The wise men are so cool.

Linda D. said...

Ahhh... how pretty. Love the family traditions and hand-me-downs!