Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I have completed step one of my plan for total world domination!

My little home salon is blooming
and so I decided to be crazy
and print out business cards
for my clients to pass around to their friends.

I'm so excited about the way that they came out.
I used Zazzle and it was really easy 
and they had awesome templates.

This is isn't even a sponsored post,
I'm just telling you about it
cause I'm so happy about the whole thing.

Anyway, I'm feeling really good
about the direction that my life has headed
with this little venture I've taken on.
I find doing hair super fun and 
I love that I have all these awesome ladies
coming over and hanging out in my kitchen all morning.

 photo 86fefd13-c5c9-4e07-aea0-9c3326bb2afa_zps77e7cd84.jpg

Watch out world, mama has business cards
and I'm taking over the world...
or at least my immediate area.

 Okay, back to Zazzle...
while I was poking around I 
found these adorable play date cards 
designed be circlealine.

Soooooo cute!


Andrea said...

World domination with a splash of cute and no evil it!

Kearsie said...

Oh man. How awesome are you??

Also, I wish I were in your area. For I would enter your humble abode, and perch on your kitchen chair, and chat away with you whilst you cut my coif into a tame and manageable beast.

And maybe I would touch items in your home. For I am intrusive like that sometimes. Also, I might even use your bathroom.

It's maybe a good thing that I am not in your area.

In any case, Hooray for world domination!

Sue said...

World domination seems right up your alley to me...