Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Longest Goodbye

 photo 2b1b0b23-b44f-4bbd-acf6-b854e0938ac9_zps59552fd2.jpg

Koen and I have the sweetest morning ritual 
that unfolds when I drop him off at school.

After he hangs his jacket on his hook,
he marches over and tugs at my coat
then looks up at me with
his big blue eyes and says 
"Kiss me, mama?"

I crouch down and he slips 
into my arms
and we hug
and we kiss
and we hug
and we kiss.

We do this for at least 3 minutes.

Then I head for the door 
and he follows me,
tugging on my coat once again and says
"Just one more kiss, mama?"

So I lean over him 
 letting my hair fall around his face
and I shake my head 
so that my hair tickles him.

We laugh and kiss again.

Then I open the door
and he scampers close behind
grabbing my coat again.

"How about a big hug?"
he asks.

So I reach down and pull him close to me
until he teacher walks over and takes his hand.

"Come help me feed the fish." she says
and he slowly steps back
waving and blowing kisses as 
I back out of the room.

The door shuts behind me
and he stands in the window,
waving at me until I'm out of sight.

It's the sweetest thing ever.

The other day his teacher said
"I hope that when I  have children one day
that they will love me as much as he loves you."

I'm one lucky mama!
I'll forever treasure our
long goodbyes.


Mommy Lisa said...

So cute.

Angelwithatwist said...

Awww.. when my baby started head start he wasn't even thrilled that I had to get him on and off the bus. Let alone be that loving. Now he will walk by and sneak in random hug attacks lol.

Karen Mortensen said...

Oh my heart. I love this story. So sweet. You are brave to leave. Not sure I could.

Linda D. said...

Adorable! Smoochie goodbye kisses before school are the best!

Alissa Collins said...

awwww. SO sweet! Love the lyrical way you posted it. My daughter wants hundreds of kisses at bedtime. It goes on forever. :)

Andrea said...

It is a beautiful thing when someone else notices how much we are loved!

Mindy said...

So awesome. I wish that my toddler would let me have this kind of goodbye with my guy.


That's beautiful...and the whole point of having children.

Katherine said...

I love it. My boys and I have a similar ritual at bedtime- it takes a full 15 minutes to get them fully tucked in, what with all the songs, kisses and hugs.