Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Year of Happiness

I can't believe that I just completed year 3
of scouting out happiness in my life.

It's such a treasure to have a record
of the simple moments that bring me joy.
Each moment stacks up to create one big beautiful picture.

A picture of vintage swim caps,
children flying through the air,
a pile of bright pumpkins,
a cabin in the woods
birthday cake,

I've learned that happiness
can be found at any moment.
It can be a huge experience
or a tiny small feeling.

It's in amazing accomplishments
and family celebrations.

Happiness is all around us,
we just have to stop and enjoy it.

We can't stop now.
At this point, it's a like a reflex
for me to document 
these wonderful gifts.

I've decided to go back to my roots 
and rename The 52 Weeks of Happiness.

So, were back to
The Happiness Project.
I don't want anyone to feel discouraged
and quit if they can't participate every week for a year.

So, please join me when you can.
I promise that your life will
quickly feel blessed
when you stop to acknowledge your blessings.

I so appreciate those of you
who have gone on this journey with me.
Thanks for linking up 
and commenting on my posts.

I will try my hardest to visit 
your blog and see what makes you happy too.

Here's our new button.
See you next Tuesday!

See you then, my lovlies! 


Katherine said...

I have loved this project. I haven't been able to post pictures for a while, so haven't participated, but have loved seeing all the things that people post that make them happy. It's a great reminder to stay happy.

Linda D. said...

Thanks for doing this. Today, my happiness came from seeing the pix of the highlights of your happiness year! Something about pix just brings a deeper connection to shared experiences.

Sue said...

I need to start hooking up with the Happiness Project again. Soon!


Kara said...

I'm so glad you re-named it. I just can't seem to post every week and I felt like I "wasn't doing it right" even though I know that there is no right way to do happy.