Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Day that I Kicked the Kids Outside

{Taken through the window after I kicked them out}

Yesterday was one of those days.
Where from the moment
the boys opened their eyes for the day
to the moment that they shut them to got to bed,
they were pretty much clobbering each other.

Did I mention that it's Spring Break?
That's right, those little buggers are home all day
and had made it their personal mission to drive me bonkers.

By late afternoon, they were bouncing off the walls.

I've never been one of those moms
that just pushed the kids out the door to play without me.
My kids typically need adult supervision.

For one, we have 2 acres of sprawling wood
and a curious 3 year old could very easily 
wander off and find trouble.

Also, he's been a bit of a loose cannon
(an adorable loose cannon)
but can find shenanigans in 2 seconds flat.

Griffin supports and often
amplifies all sorts of shenanigans.
Which is a nice way of saying that he's a trouble maker as well.

Well, the house was a mess yesterday
and they were running around like hooligans
so I just opened the back door and scooted
their cute little bottoms outside
with instructions to stay on the back deck
where I could see them through the window.

"Without you?" Griffin asked, almost in shock.
"Yup, get on out there." I said while closing the back door.
They're both getting a bit older
and have shown more self control lately.
I knew that it was time to
set them lose...
from a short distance.

At first they were shocked 
and sat together like despondent children
but they soon scampered off and had
an epic Nerf gun battle
while I vacuumed the living room.

Then I loaded the dishwasher,
all the while keeping watch over the boys
through the kitchen window.

They played outside for half an hour 
and then begged to come in.
I said no. I told them to go play.

So they did.
For another half hour
while I put my feet up and read a book.

I should have kicked them out a long time ago.


Linda D. said...

Such a rite of passage. Glad you found the right day and time for the official "kicking out" into the safety and fun of the back deck.

m vivi said...

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